Jesse Jones

Jesse Jones


I am a fan in every aspect of the word. I live and breathe for my favorite teams and the players I love. In saying that I am not delusional when it comes to those teams or players.

I was born into a Mets and Islanders family and have continued the tradition no matter what. When it comes to football, my heart is in Louisiana. In 2000 I found the Saints (because where I live, NY* there is no football team) and all though our headwear was paper bag, I fell in love with them and the city not to mention the LSU Tigers. I'm a Knicks and Hornets fan and when a friend got me into College basketball I was immediately captured by Syracuse., as for Soccer (Football/Futbol) besides Team USA it's all about the Mighty Hammers..

I have been lucky enough to watch as the Saints erased the painful memories of the Aints and went on to win the Superbowl for the first time, I also got to attend many of the games last season (including the final game) as the Mets finally got a batting title, even though it was contreversial and lead to the immediate departure of Jose Reyes, I was porud to have been a part of it all. It's been a bumpy road for us all, but win or lose, I will always stay true.

*Jets and Giants play in New Jersey and the Bills are basically a Canadian team.

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  • Billy Dunn posted 2115 days ago

    Billy Dunn

    Hey Jesse, thanks for liking my article, much appreciated!

  • Will Osgood posted 2129 days ago

    Will Osgood

    Thanks for the Props on that article. Much appreciated Jesse.

  • Zayne Grantham posted 2194 days ago

    Zayne Grantham

    Hey Jesse!
    Thanks for becoming a fan of mine. I really appreciate the consistent reads and comments. I love hearing your input and always value a solid opinion on a topic.

    I also want to say thanks for liking my article on Tom Brady. I definitely look forward to talking with you about issues in the future!

    Also, if Chris Paul somehow ends up on the New York Knicks, then I will join you in your Knicks fandom. I've always been a Paul fan, and therefore fan of the Hornets. If (when) he leaves the Hornets, I'll still root for them because they're in NOLA, but Paul's new team will probably become of my favorite....unless that team is the Lakers. I don't care for them. hah.

    Anyway, thanks again!

  • Jason Sholl posted 2229 days ago

    Jason Sholl

    Hey Jesse,
    Thank you for liking my article. I really appreciate it!

  • Will Osgood posted 2243 days ago

    Will Osgood

    Hey Jesse,
    Thanks for liking my article. I appreciate your readership and commenting on my articles. I hope you continue to enjoy my articles and comment and support my writing. And Geaux Saints!