Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld


I am a comedian and an actor. I was born Jerome Seinfeld on April 29, 1954, in Brooklyn, New York City. My interest in comedy was sparked at an early age through the influence of my father, a sign maker who was also a closet comedian. By age eight, I was putting myself through a rigorous comic training, watching television day and night to study the techniques of comedians. Over the years, I developed a unique style of comedy that centered on my wry observations on life's mundanities.

I studied communications and theater at Queen's College, City University of New York, and shortly after graduation in 1976 I made my stand-up debut at an open mic night in Catch a Rising Star nightclub. I worked my way to an appearance on The Tonight Show in 1981, which gave me my first national exposure. By the late 1980s I was one of the highest-profile stand-up comedians in the United States.

After I starred my own television special Jerry Seinfield's Stand-up Confidential (1987), I was asked to develop a sitcom with NBC. I teamed up with friend and fellow comedian Larry David to create the show Seinfeld, which hit the air the following year. Produced and sometimes co-written by me, the quirky, widely watched show emphasized loosely structured stories; seemingly insignificant subject matter; and a buddy system of comedy in which the Jerry character often played a straight man to his three tightly wound screwball friends.

The show reached unprecedented levels of popular and critical acclaim, and many of its catchphrases and plot elements became part of the cultural lexicon. Seinfeld ran for nine seasons, and was still the highest-rated show in the United States when its final episode aired in 1998.

I returned to stand-up comedy in the late 1990s, embarking on multiple national tours of comedy clubs and theatres, one of which was documented in the 2002 film Comedian. I also wrote Seinlanguage (1993), a best-selling book of humorous observations, and the children's book Halloween (2003).I also co-wrote, co-produced and starred in the animated Bee Movie (2007).

I married public relations executive Jessica Sklar on December 25, 1999. We have three children, one daughter and two sons.

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    Poser? If your not that is a chitty photo and the real Jerry could do better. So hears the kicker ...when I read your comments I can hear the real Jerry Seinfeld (I think you spelled his name wrong too like the the fake Rollex spelling) voice talking in my head...its hilarious even though none of your comments are funny. Also whats with the "Jewish Guy" liking Notre Dame? of course it's not like you can pick a Jewish football team bada bing bada boom. Anyway I see I'm the only one to leave comments on your page? No one else is even a little curious? I must be the only gullible person on this web site then. There is a way you can prove you are the real deal but it involves a check for an unspeakable large amount of money.