Jacob Fernandez

Jacob Fernandez


Hi.Im Jacob Fernandez I love sports but I don't know much about soccer and baseball really I only know things about NBA,NFL,or the WWF/WWE and TNA my favorite sport really is wrestling but due to the lack of great storylines and superstars Im kinda stuck between NFL and WWE but I still watch and love wrestling. I know few things about NBA Basketball but not that much.My favorite teams for NFL and NBA are Indianapolis Colts or Dallas Cowboys for NFL and Dallas Mavericks for NBA my favorite wrestler and idol is The Undertaker which you can see is my profile picture but he isn't my only favorite my other ones are Sting,Stone Cold,and Triple H.The teams and wrestlers I hate most are NBA New Orleans Hornets and Denver Nuggets NFL teams are Saints and Steelers and wrestlers John Cena and Jack Swagger.I love writing and speaking my mind about anything Im kinda like CM Punk I speak my mind frequently.Im in 7th grade I know Im young but I know a bunch about history of sports who won first Super Bowl? Green Bay Packers,Longest reigning WWE Champion? Bruno Sammartino who was first WWE Champion? Buddy Roberts? I know my history so ask me any questions or message me.Thanks.

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