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Just another Englishman in America. I reside in the sunny climes of Georgia, just outside of Atlanta.

Unfortunately, I will defer writing for B/R from June 22 in order to persue a career with Atlanta Fire & Rescue.

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  • Jose Hoplin posted 2011 days ago

    Jose  Hoplin

    Over Hyped Football Players! Please rewrite article after you do research

  • Joe Alvarez posted 2012 days ago

    Joe Alvarez

    Some reasons why Michael Owen might have won the 2001 Ballon d'Or
    2000-2001 Season : 46 appearances 24 goals

    Helped Liverpool with the Cup Quintuple (FA Cup, League Cup, UEFA Cup, UEFA Super Cup, FA Community Shield)

    Scored twice against Arsenal in the FA Cup Final (basically won it for Liverpool considering how much Arsenal dominated the game)
    Scored once against Manchester United in the FA Community Shield
    Scored once against Bayern Munich in the UEFA Super Cup
    Scored 7 goals for England in International Friendlies and Qualifiers (including his hat trick against Germany)

    2001-2002 Season: Before the Award was handed out on Dec.11th, he played in 20 competitive games for Liverpool and scored 16 goals

    Oh and I think the reason people hyped him up was because of this....

  • Gemma Hughes posted 2028 days ago

    Gemma Hughes

    Hello Peter, We operate the largest EPL community on Facebook with over 1.8m avid fans. We were highly impressed with your articles here, and would appreciate the opportunity to offer you to post/RSS your articles onto our Facebook pages and website: We already have dozens of writers posting on FTBpro regularly! If you're interested, please contact me at to discuss further. Thank you.

  • Dan Talintyre posted 2042 days ago

    Dan Talintyre

    Thanks for the props in your latest article Peter. Appreciate it.

  • Will L. posted 2054 days ago

    Will L.

    haha yours is a valuable opinion and one the world should know of!

  • Will Leivenberg posted 2055 days ago

    Will Leivenberg

    Hey Peter! What do you think man?

  • Alex Fernandez posted 2090 days ago

    Alex Fernandez

    Hi Peter, just posted a slight correction to your article on Greatest footballers of all Time. It was a nicely written article (very informative), but I just wanted to correct the bit about the most decorated/greatest African Footballer. Thanks for sharing that great list and all the research done. Keep writing and sharing the information.

  • Arnab Ghosh posted 2091 days ago

    Arnab Ghosh

    Such a shame !!! Saura Bhattacharjee asked his profile to be deleted from the site but B/R are still using his articles to gain more viewership...How low will this once great site go??

  • Will L. posted 2099 days ago

    Will L.

    Great meeting you, Peter. You got a shout out in the B/R Blog!

  • Mohamed Al-Hendy posted 2103 days ago

    Mohamed Al-Hendy

    "The name Hotspur was chosen because of the fiery reputation of Shakespeare's Harry Hotspur, a character in his play "Henry IV Part 1". Harry was based on a 14th century ancestor called Sir Henry Percy of the aristocratic Northumberland family who owned large tracts of land in the Tottenham area in the 1880s and after whom the nearby Northumberland Avenue is named. The family were believed to have lived close to the ground in Percy House. Henry is reported to have been killed in battle in Shrewsbury in 1403."

    There, now we both know why Tottenham are called Spurs.