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My name is CJ. Proud father, devoted friend, impossible sports enthusiast. I love the Raiders, A's, Lakers, and all Fresno State sports with a passion. But like most sports fans, I find just as much pleasure in seeing teams I despise get beaten. That includes in no short order the Yankees, Duke men's basketball, the 49ers, the Heat, the Spurs, the Patriots, and especially the Broncos, Chiefs, and Chargers in the AFC West.

I'm a journalism grad from Fresno State, worked in television news, and enjoying the ride! In my lifetime, I want to say that I've seen all 30 MLB stadiums across the country and visit every major sports hall of fame. So far, let's just say I have work to do! I write because I want to impart my passion and hear from fellow fans of the teams I love and that shorten my life span!

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  • Steve Parr posted 785 days ago

    Steve Parr

    Clarence, just read your article regarding Vince Young. I can't agree with you more. I have another article that I believe might be worth writing. With the way Reggie is rebuilding our beloved Raiders, there just might be a diamond in the rough. If I told you of a quarterback who broke the record in the big-12 for most completions in a row, would you listen. If I told you of a quarterback who was an All-American in 2009, would you listen. A quarterback who is playing in California, Jarrod Johnson. He might not be starter material but worthy of a back up. I never understood why he never got a real shot. He is the type of player that fits right now, cheap and wants to play. Would love to see some one actually write an article, maybe you or maybe you could pass along the information. Thank you.

  • Michael Hilton posted 948 days ago

    Michael Hilton

    Great article regarding the Lakers pre season.I completely agree with you we need Leandro Barbosa.It's obvious he would add a much needed scoring punch off the bench.Thank you keep up the good work.Take care sir.

  • Nate Jessup posted 968 days ago

    Nate Jessup


    I've been a Raider Fan since they played at Laney College. My son is currently a Junior at Fresno State and plays for Coach Watney on the Bulldog Golf Team. We've got a few things in common. I found your Report today and enjoyed it. Keep up the great work.

    Go Radaas,

    Nate Jessup

  • terrence healy posted 1030 days ago

    terrence healy

    I don't know how everyone missed this, but the Raiders have Owen Smidtt listed as a Running back?????? On the Team Roster.