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  • Chris Lane posted 1222 days ago

    Chris Lane

    My computer has been screwy and shutting down for no reason for about 2 weeks now...so I haven't been around to see what is going on with the Buckeye crowd. I had to look hard to find a recent comment of yours as well. Have you been gone, too? Of course, my comment to you on the Wisconsin game and Braxton Miller was more joking than anything but I had to throw all of that at you. I hope you giggled a little bit as I had a ton of fun writing and researching it. Oh well...give me hell in a return comment, if you wish. All of my other "friends" here get upset and quit talking to me when I give them hell. I hope you don't. Hahaha. Take care, bud...talk to ya soon.

  • Chris Lane posted 1255 days ago

    Chris Lane

    You are definitely a very smart guy, although you aren't right about Coach Fick.Haha! (I really am laughing my ass off right now...I had to say it.) I am a registered Republican, myself and agree with you totally when it comes to the economy and current politics. I blame the republicans for starting the downtrend in the economy but Obama promised to fix it and he has now tripled the problem (by the numbers). The problem wasn't this bad a few years ago. In fact, I think almost any republican will win the next election easily. One thing that republicans are good at is solidarity. We need some jobs and then some time. I really am a Christian but don't ever think that I will shove religion down your throat. Sports are my love and I think that God understands why I don't mix religion and sports. About religion and politics though...I don't know if Obama is a Muslim or what but I do know that living in Florida has gotten very tough on us all here. I will keep my chin up and Wendy and I thank you for your thoughts and concerns. I have been blogging today but haven't found any of yours yet. I'm sure I will soon. Take care, bud.

  • Chris Lane posted 1256 days ago

    Chris Lane

    I really wasn't looking for an apology and didn't want you to think what you said was derogatory. Unfortunately, what you said was very true and hit me in the worst way. I truly am a Christian and feel no ill will towards anyone. I just wrote to you to let you know in a more private way that I really am trying. Trying to get a job that is. I have tried to get a job for nearly 3 years now and have had no luck. Before that, I had never had an application denied. It is a tough world out there, brother.

    I appreciate your comments, you were not out of line, as I said before...what you said was true. "Idle hands work for the devil". So, I have been trying to write more here because sports writing was always what I wanted to do before I started sticking my hands in toilets for a living and this kinda thing makes me feel normal, if only for a short time. You are a good man, I'm sure, and hope to one day, be one also.

    Good luck to you, as always, and as always...Go Bucks!

  • Chris Lane posted 1257 days ago

    Chris Lane

    I have been writing here at B/R for 2 years just as a blogger but I did just apply for a writer job here. The job does not pay but, if you are good enough and can catch a good audience, paid opportunities are there. I recently sent my application in although in the middle of proofreading it I accidentally clicked on "submit" so I don't think my application will be accepted.

    Your comment to me really hurt my feelings, so I want to be totally honest with you and tell you what is going on in my life. I will try to keep it short, but as you have noticed, short and concise are not my strengths.

    I was born in Dayton, Ohio and moved to Orlando, Florida when I was 7 years old...I am not a fan of any Ohio teams except for my beloved Buckeyes. I graduated high school at 18 and then went to 2 years of school at a community college. As a junior in high school, I received offers to go to college to play baseball. I was a switch hitting catcher and although I never was a power hitter, I led my team in batting average, stolen bases and runs scored. I once was timed in the 40 yard dash and was hand timed at 4.38 sec. My coach, thinking he was too quick on the stopwatch made me run it two more times. My times were 4.44 sec. and 4.37 sec. Not so bad for a catcher, eh? Because of my speed and my size...6 foot, 180 lbs. My baseball coach talked the football coach into getting me to play football in my senior season. I started at CB, played well and after the 4th game, in practice, I broke my wrist. Originally it seemed to be a simple 6 week break. Unfortunately, I ended up being in a cast for 18 months after having a bone graft surgery in which a bone chip was taken from my hip and inserted in my wrist with metal pins. Needless to say...Bye-bye baseball career. I may have never had what it took to be a MLB player, but who knows. Switch hitting catchers that can run 4.4 sec. 40's are a rarity.

    When I figured out that school just wasn't a good fit for me, I started doing plumbing at my uncle's plumbing company. In 1993 I started at $5 per hour and 2 years later, I was making $7 per hour. Two years later I was offered a job re-piping houses and apartments making $235 per day. I stayed there for years. In 2002, I was making $540 a day but was travelling across the country to work. It was a hard job but the money was good so I stuck with it. The job slowed over the years and my pay went down to $200 a day as the recession set in and construction work dried up. Starting in 2008, my wife and I were making no money, had no active contracts and were forced to close the doors on our small (plumbing) business. I am 38 and my wife is 47, but she, too is a plumber and has 12 years experience. I have 17 years experience. Since 2008, I have been able to get no work at all. I try daily but when employers see that I have made $80K+ yearly before, they pass on hiring me. They only want guys to pay less than $10 an hour to. I would work for $8 an hour right now if anyone would give me a chance. I would do any job...it is just very tough out there. Nationally, the unemployment rate is 9.8%. Statistics show that where I live, the unemployment rate is somewhere between 18% to 24%. My wife now works for minimum wage doing part time housekeeping at a local hotel and I get only service calls here and there from my company that as I said is out of business. I have always given Christians a 50% labor discount so I do get calls every now and then but I am more worried about saving my customers money than I am making money for myself.

    I told you in a post about our son with Down's Syndrome. That, just like the 5 open heart surgeries, and 3 different pacemakers was all true. We now receive food stamps, have lost all of our assets, and honestly are one bad thing happening away from absolute financial ruin. We really have lost everything except our faith in Jesus.

    I do not want to be your enemy over a sports blog, but I want you to know that I want to get a steady job more than anything in the world. My family is counting on me and lately I have applied at Taco Bell, Dollar General, Red Lobster, and many, many others. Plus, I have of course tried to get plumbing jobs but have yet to even get an interview despite my resume which is honestly, very impressive.

    Your comment really hurt my feelings as I am doing all that I can. I post blogs to take breaks from looking for jobs online. As far as I know, you don't care at all. In the world we live in, most people don't, I just thought you should get to know me a bit before you start blogging things about me that you have no idea about. Take care, bud...good luck...Go Bucks!