25 year old college grad with my BA in Music. Currently working freelance as a Film Composer. I have been a Kings fan for all 25 years of my life. Played Soccer, Tennis growing up and through high school. Love to write about and share my opinions on the NHL and the Kings whenever I can!

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  • twotimer posted 821 days ago



  • Ben Rosenthal posted 984 days ago

    Ben Rosenthal

    Sure thing!

  • James Spen posted 1218 days ago

    James Spen

    Counting playoffs single season and regular season, Gretzky had 92 goals + 5, in 1981/1982. Which was also miracle on manchester.

  • James Spen posted 1219 days ago

    James Spen

    Your short list: Gretzky only had 92 goals in a season.

  • Joel Prosser posted 1241 days ago

    Joel Prosser

    Hi Jason,

    Thanks for the comment. Hopefully we have a good series to write about.

  • Franklin Steele posted 1398 days ago

    Franklin Steele

    Thank you kindly for becoming a fan Jason! Don't know if you saw it or not, but I do believe your draft bust story made the NHL newsletter. Good stuff!

  • Franklin Steele posted 1433 days ago

    Franklin Steele

    It would seem so my friend. Like I said, I really appreciate the depth that you're bringing to the table for that team. It can be really easy to just write a short few paragraphs and meander on. Glad to see you aren't doing that.

  • Franklin Steele posted 1433 days ago

    Franklin Steele

    Loving the depth and insight in your Kings articles man. Keep up the outstanding work.