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Go Sooners! Went to OU in the mid 80s. Love watching the Sooners play. Also, big Dodgers fan. The Suns are my NBA team, like watching a good point guard (my position). Used to be a Raiders fan, but until Al Davis hits the road I had to jump ship. Mr. Davis has lost touch with the modern NFL. I root for Tampa Bay and former OU players like Adrian Peterson during NFL games. Speck is my buddy (see photo).

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  • Ken Knight posted 3214 days ago

    Ken Knight

    She is a food girl for the most part. Loves animals and people. Sometimes can be spiteful...but what woman isn't on ocassion.

    Someone did a # on her in the very first few months of her life though. We've had her since she was about 7 months and she is just about 8 yrs. old and still has a few trust issues. A treat or tennis ball temporaritly cures that real fast.

    Specl looks like a good boy. Bet those balls don't last too long.

  • Mosang Miles posted 3218 days ago

    Mosang Miles

    That is some dedication to your craft! No problem on the review.

  • Ken Knight posted 3218 days ago

    Ken Knight

    Greta says "Come here Speck, I want to sniff your butt!"

    Speck looks cool. What Breed is he / she? Greta is a J. Russ. / Whippet mix. She was orig. rescued from P. Rico and is about 8 yrs. old.

    Wifey and I just love dogs...probably more than people. Much less B. S.

  • Oliver VanDervoort posted 3218 days ago

    Oliver VanDervoort

    No Problem Don, always glad to help a fellow Big 12er out, even if they are a Sooner :)

  • Mosang Miles posted 3261 days ago

    Mosang Miles

    Interesting hypothesis Don. I guess I won't hold my breath for Seattle teams to be good anytime soon then...