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21. Christ Follower. Children's Pastor. Sports Fan.


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  • Bleacher Report posted 3135 days ago

    Bleacher Report

    Apologies for the mass, impersonal, self-promotion.

    If it bothers you PLEASE tell meā€”just post "stop" or "s" to my board:


  • Gray Ghost posted 3304 days ago

    Gray Ghost

    My latest:


  • Michael Oleszek posted 3309 days ago

    Michael Oleszek

    my first nascar article:


  • Gray Ghost posted 3337 days ago

    Gray Ghost

    Glad to have you back on board my friend!

  • Gray Ghost posted 3339 days ago

    Gray Ghost

    Jared, this is the BIG game! There is football season happening this weekend in Jax!


  • Gray Ghost posted 3341 days ago

    Gray Ghost

    Everyone needs to read this from Joe Guaar:


  • Cameon Shiflett posted 3344 days ago

    Cameon Shiflett

    Haha. Now see I don't see a problem with the "Roll Tide." In fact, furthest thing from my mind as a problem. :)

    It was good talking to you and making a new friend here on B/R. I hope we will continue to cross each other's paths.

    ROLL TIDE (In capital letters this time),
    Bama Chick

  • Cameon Shiflett posted 3345 days ago

    Cameon Shiflett

    Ha. Well thanks Jared. I always like to gain new fans through beating down points they try to make. :)

    But seriously, thanks for the read and the comments.

    Roll Tide,
    Bama Chick

  • Cameon Shiflett posted 3345 days ago

    Cameon Shiflett

    Actually Jared,

    Big Al stands for something that is uncommon to most of the teams you have listed as your favorites and that is tradition and long standing. Elephants have always been around and have survived some of the worst things and made it through much like the Alabama Football team (ULM last year anyone). Not to mention, Alabama is all about tradition, longstanding, and being strong. All of these are characterisitcs of the elephant.

    Plus, Big Al is just completely cool. Haha.

    Roll Tide,
    Bama Chick

  • Gray Ghost posted 3346 days ago

    Gray Ghost

    Teen Writers: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/70692-brs-young-guns-of-the-college-football-community/show_full