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I been a fan of the NFL and NBA days since diaper days. Every playoff, Super Bowl, and NBA Finals I can remember since I was about two years old. My favorite NFL team is the Dallas Cowboys and unfortunately after this past summer my favorite NBA team is the Orlando Magic.

As for WWE, I began watching the WWE (then WWF) in 1996. The first PPV I saw was Mind Games in Philly after a cousin of mines talked me into watching this guy by the name of Stone Cold, been hooked ever since and except for 2004 - 2010 when I stopped watching on a weekly basis because of stupid gimmicks, storylines, and John Cena. I began watching again in June of 2010 after going to see my first independent event live with one of my classmates from college. I picked a good episode to watch because that's when Nexus debuted. I stopped watching after they killed the storyline. And actually missed CM Punk's famous shoot and had to re-watch it on YouTube. CM Punk and now Daniel Bryan great independent wrestling stars have kept me watching every week since the shoot and all the others can get a new gimmick or something. Especially Cena smh. Anyway that's me as a fan of sports.

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