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Vincent Zichella

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Hi, my name is Vincent . I am 34 years old and just stumbled upon this website. (So far I like what I see)
Sports has always been something that I've been attracted to since I was a young lad. I am not sure if I chose it or it chose me.
Anyhow, I have been blessed with a gift for anticipating things before they even happen. I don't have ESP or anything like that. But, I have been known for being one step ahead of my opponents/competition. (chess/fantasy sports)
If you are looking for the next big thing or need any advice about anything. Look no further! I dare anyone to put me to the test. Challenge me with any questions or scenarios that puzzle you and I will help bring you out on top.
Or if you just want to kick it and talk some smack. Bring it on!

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