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Well my name is Amanda, and basketball is my thing.
I live about 2-4 hours out of Boston, depending what time you hit the city.
I'm an avid NBA fan, from the classics of the early 1950's to the contemporary players of today.
"The man who sleeps on the floor never falls out of bed."

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  • Mark Brown posted 3233 days ago

    Mark Brown

    Thanks for the read and pick, much appreciated.

  • Josh B posted 3265 days ago

    Josh B

    Hey Amanda, check this out.

    Will the O'Neal trade help the Heat keep Wade in the future? Tell me what you think here.

  • Robert Kleeman posted 3279 days ago

    Robert Kleeman

    It's going.

    Hope things have settled down for you. I know it's tough to lose someone close.

    I'm going to send out an e-mail tonight with the next roundtable questions.

    I'd like to get it up by the end of the week, and at the latest, before All-Star weekend and the trade deadline. Hint: there will be a trade question in there.

    If you can participate, I'd appreciate your contributions. But, PLEASE do NOT feel obligated.

    Cheers and Go Spurs!

  • Robert Kleeman posted 3318 days ago

    Robert Kleeman

    In case you did not see the email, the week two-ish roundtable is up.

  • Robert Kleeman posted 3324 days ago

    Robert Kleeman

    Man, I want to break something after that game. What the hell was that, Spurs? I really thought they were going to win that game, and for most of it, they were proving me right.

    This was just like the Pistons game, except the offense was good, the great looks did not go down. I guess if David West hits two threes, and your knock down three bombers can't hit one, you're going to lose.

    Please pray Amanda that God will grant me the ability not to be so upset and depressed after a Spurs loss. Why must this team run and ruin my life?

  • Robert Kleeman posted 3330 days ago

    Robert Kleeman

    I finally got the damn thing up, albeit with some serious formatting issues. I asked one of the main editors for tips on how to handle posting this roundtable in the future. I had to wait for Claudio's response, but moreso wanted to publish it after the Mavs and Hawks game.

    Content wise, it came out great. Try to disgregard clustered sentences and the six page length until I can figure out how to remove the bugs and cut it back down to three-four pages.

    Thanks again for your great and concise contributions. The Spurs beat the Mavs Tuesday and I would say our roundtable beats the one Mavs fans do each week, even if I did steal the idea from them.

  • John Lorge posted 3331 days ago

    John  Lorge


  • Robert Kleeman posted 3340 days ago

    Robert Kleeman

    I'll probably just go ahead and write the backcourt piece, but I am serious about the weekly roundtable.

    Send me an email at, so I can give you the info when the other people I asked let me know if they want to join. Also, make sure, in case your email address does not already, that you identify yourself early so I know not to delete it.

    Put Bleacher Report and Spurs in the subject line, too.

    Thanks for agreeing to join. If I can organize this thing, it should be fun.