Kendra de la Torre

Kendra de la Torre

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I am a low profile type of person,but nonetheless I am blunt about everything and anything I want and I think. Sometimes people tend to take me as strict but I'm a nice person. I am approachable and easy to get along with as long as you don't get into my nerves the first time we meet.
Friendly,honest,down to earth and a true person is what I like most as a quality in a person. Airheads,perverts,balooney,crackpot,liars and pretenders are the qualities in a person that I hated most.
During my downtime I usually cook a hearty meal,read a few good books,listening to music or watching a good movie just to unwind from the stressful days at work. I love to shop for books and bags.
I go water rafting,zip line,wall and mountain climbing,play badminton/basketball/volleyball and swim as part of my recreational activity;you know just to keep me fit and trim.

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