Allan Payne

Allan Payne


• Owner and founding partner of 2 businesses in talent and performance management

• Background includes entertainment, psychologist in maximum security penitentiary, global HR manager and entrepreneur

• Main interests include family, music, systematic theology, SaaS talent management in-the-cloud, and sports, but I'd dump sports if I could - it's a huge waste and a major aggravation :).

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  • The48415BuckeyeERMD1 posted 1103 days ago


    allen, its 2014 given your age and comment history you may not be aware. You are now and if memory serves me right(it always does) isn't this "THE YEAR" that you were most certain that michigan would be "BACK"!! Your senility has been proven without a doubt!!

    Lastly, I haven't seen many of your "comments" lately. Funny, isn't it? When michigan is in freefall your comments are absent. CHRIP CHRIP little allen!!! LMAO!!

  • Alex Shaw posted 1237 days ago

    Alex Shaw


  • Alex Shaw posted 1237 days ago

    Alex Shaw

    Which conference is better at everything. B1G > PAC 12

    In terms of revenue, sports, championships, education?

  • craig Thatcher posted 1474 days ago

    craig  Thatcher

    man you're a crusty old goat, tell the retirement home to up your medication because you have been talking out your ass so much.

  • Urbs Ticker posted 1682 days ago

    Urbs Ticker

    You:"My "drivel" is incisive and objective"
    You're either delusional, or you believe 100% of B/R posters are...same difference.

    You: "If you have a bone to pick, address it with me rather than taking pot-shots from a mile away."

    ..a mile away, point-blank...doesn't matter. Whenever I see your nonsense, I hit it. And when I hit it, I kill it. That's why you're upset, isn't it?

    You again:"You've mentioned NOTHING of substance whatsoever to which I need to respond."

    Read your own posts again, if you need a reference for "nothing of substance."

    All of your comments contain visceral. Every one.

    If you want to carry a flame-thrower, you'd better be wearing an asbestos suit....I'm much more proficient with mine.

    BTW....How's it feel? lol!

  • Urbs Ticker posted 1682 days ago

    Urbs Ticker

    My "drivel" is incisive and objective. If you have a bone to pick, address it with me rather than taking pot-shots from a mile away. You've mentioned NOTHING of substance whatsoever to which I need to respond. So, put away your false indignation and man-up with some facts or real issues in which I've been wrong.

  • Urbs Ticker posted 1715 days ago

    Urbs Ticker

    I could care less what garbage you post... but to flag replies in response to your own opprobrious drivel is cowardliness. If you can't stand the heat, don't start fires you're intellectually incapable of extinguishing.....

  • Chris Lane posted 1774 days ago

    Chris Lane

    I have seen plenty of hate from you. I can't say that I exactly remember WHICH ONE of your MANY hate comments that brought us to this point, but I can tell you that I wouldn't have apologized to you unless I meant it. So while I appreciate your EXTRA HATE and see that nothing will ever make you say anything good about Ohio State at all, I'd like to say that I appreciate your time spent on me, even though you hate me for hating the fact that you NEVER say anything positive about the Buckeyes for any reason. See, that is the entire reason that I first commented to you. After seeing between 5-10 of your comments bashing Braxton Miller, I had read enough to fire back at you. Notice though that I never mentioned things like "how inept Denard Robinson is as a passer" or other things to throw hate at Michigan.

    I admit that I hate Michigan. I hate the whole state. I thought that I had never been to Michigan and was proud of that fact...until my mother informed me that not only had I been there once as a 2 year old, I may have even been conceived there. I wanted to puke. However you will not see me throwing hate at Michigan for a few reasons. One reason is that Michigan is first in all time wins and first in all time winning percentage. Another reason is that even though my beloved Buckeyes have had their way with Michigan over the past decade, Michigan leads the all time series between the two. The last reason that I don't go to the Michigan articles and fight with Joel Greer and company by disagreeing with the articles with my BIASED MOUTH is because of what I just said. Obviously I'M BIASED, but I don't do it REALLY because it is disrespectful horse crap to do it. If I go to a Michigan article and disagree with the story, I usually site facts as my reasons for my disagreement, I try to NOT sound like an old woman by just saying my biased opinions, and I usually ask the writer or correspondent to please respond back and tell me why I'm wrong. I ask for the reply because I figure that whichever Wolverine fan that I'm talking to knows a bit more about the Michigan squad than I do. Also....I almost always end my comment with "good luck to you and your Wolverines".......

    Now... when you come to Buckeye articles, I may treat you differently. I can tell you this though and you can mark this up as a law: If you came to a Buckeye article, said your garbage and supported it with facts, asked a few questions, and then ended your garbage by saying "GOOD LUCK", we wouldn't be where we are right now.

    You are probably old and wise enough to tell when someone is lying....Am I lying? Or do you think I'm telling the truth? I'll help you out, if you think you need the help.... I NEVER LIE here at B/R. I try to not even be biased although I know that isn't entirely possible. In the end though, I do know this....I don't go trolling the Michigan stories to talk kid's smack about Michigan. You do it on Buckeye stories multiple times daily. Do you see where this is going?

    If you don't, FIGURE IT OUT! You confusing ME with yourself is very strange to me. The message that you left on my bulletin board sounds EXACTLY like a message that I think someone would leave for YOU!

    Regardless though, I don't think that it will help...not with Michigan beating Ohio State in football anytime soon anyway. I think you should keep on thinking that what you are saying is so right and that the things I say are so wrong, though. Why? It suits you well. At least when I see your name on the Buckeye boards I know to just not read your probably aren't capable of talking about FACTS, you are too busy talking trash like a schoolyard bully that gets his ass kicked over and over. You got me? Are we straight now? I hope so. Good luck to you and your Wolverines.

  • Chris Lane posted 1794 days ago

    Chris Lane

    Never in my life have I seen an old dude like yourself that love to stir up hate like an 8 year old. I was out of line with some of the things I said to you and I do, TRULY apologize. I just can't stand haters that hate without using facts to back up their hate and that is exactly what you do. However, that is no reason for me to treat you as I have been. I do apologize...but not because I am wrong. I apologize for the name calling. You do need to grow up though. I'm almost 40 years old and you remind me of 3rd grade, brother. You are most definitely a troll, though. Sorry!