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The name's Julian Nikolovski, and I'm young, rational and insightful. To me, this is a hobby, and I love being able to write about the sports and the teams that I love.

I've been displaced from all my beloved teams, as I live in Australia, and I have devoted countless late nights and early mornings to watch the teams that I love. Those being the Arizona Cardinals, and Arsenal FC.

If you have any questions, or criticisms (preferably of the constructive variety) do not hesitate to contact me, as I am willing to do whatever it takes to improve, and am willing to do whatever it takes to help you improve.

Regards, Julian.

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  • Cards O-Holic posted 1731 days ago

    Cards O-Holic

    Hi Julian :-)

    Nice to meet a Aussie gal from the Outback! It is nice to know there is a devoted fan like you out there. So it is a honor to have more fans like yourself.


  • Luke Anderson posted 1816 days ago

    Luke Anderson

    Hey man, when are you going to write some more articles again? Arizona has to start thinking about mock drafts again,

  • Emile Donovan posted 1985 days ago

    Emile Donovan

    Thanks for the kind words bud. Your last article is pretty boss dog itself! Congratulations and keep it up :)

  • Eric Newman posted 2155 days ago

    Eric Newman

    Hi Julian--

    I lived in the International House for the University of Wollongong. It's about 1 mile from campus. Do you know it? We used to go play the card machines and drink Tooheys at the North Gong pub all the time. Is that place still there, do you know?

    I see you're plugging away at the writing. Good for you! I look forward to more of your work.

  • Eric Newman posted 2167 days ago

    Eric Newman

    Hi Julian-- Thanks for the props on my "Flukes of Nature" piece. Really glad you enjoyed the article. Hope you are enjoying your time in Oz. I lived in Wollongong for 6 months back in the 90s. Loved it.

  • Joseph Edwards posted 2271 days ago

    Joseph Edwards