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  • Bill Elon Musk Gates posted 21 days ago

    Bill Elon Musk Gates


    Bow to Blue

  • Bill Elon Musk Gates posted 22 days ago

    Bill Elon Musk Gates

    Nobody listen to this hack. He lies about himself to make himself apear like he's actually accomplished something. He immediately resorts to spouting off fabricated personal accomplishments as opposed to presenting any legitimate material facts. Typical Ohio dirt bag.

  • Bill Elon Musk Gates posted 26 days ago

    Bill Elon Musk Gates

    You are grabage


    Bow to blue scumbag.

  • T Locken posted 535 days ago

    T Locken

    Where do I start? I am begining to think that most of Michigan fans are really out there! Using stats to support their argument, using history, then won't realize the current history of 10-2, acting way mightier than what they really are! It just makes me ill bro! I hate to say that being that I am a Michigan fan. But the reality is most of Michigan fans aren't in tune with reality. Perhaps I was too but at least I see logic and facts to guide me. lol

    Joel Greer is one of the biggest hypocrites out there! It amazes me the thing he will spew. But whatever man! I am losing the idea of posting my thoughts here on BR. When I first joined this site, it was amazing. Now, it's just same story after another, people posting negative vibes, including myself as I have done my share, and it is just weak to me!

    Just wanted to say that I seem to get along more with OSU fans than I do with UM fans. There are few that are my favorites, yourself, Bryce, Dean Hurd, and Donald Gale from OSU,

  • huskers roll posted 673 days ago

    huskers  roll

    the JUST ohio st is looking SOLID against the UCF!! LMAO games going bout as i thought with the OVERRATED SUCKEYES!!!!

  • David Cook posted 957 days ago

    David Cook

    I was an 11B.

  • David Cook posted 958 days ago

    David Cook

    Yo Buckeye Soldier from one soldier to another... I always refer to the SEC as the "All-American Taliban League" because they are uneducated, religious fanatics just like the Taliban! Food for thought brother!

    Go Bucks! Keep the faith!