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I love to write everything in my mind, not just about simple sport but everything what I see and I interest to write. I simple man but bad English grammar. That is why I joint this site to have more article to read from many out side to improve my grammar. But as I said I just love what I write, that is why at this moment I write about NFL or everything I like not to make reader happy, but at least I am happy with that. Don't worry, I will not care what you comment or try to say some thing to harm people, but not me. I always try if I can, but if not ,, just complaint to who create me to be a human. like I said I like to share from the worst to beat ever, but I don't care if you like or not, I just do my job but not to make you happy though I hope you like it as for fun. I am not a serious person, as everything people give is for fun in my mind first, but try to think more deep to find what the meaning exactly.

Take a note, despite I say I share you the worst as you think but will not harm you or your computer or gadget you use or everything near to you from 100 miles radius.

I must admit, I am not a clever or intelligent or genius or what ever you say,. But I have a feeling like normal human, so I can't feel you feel too, despite you never realize it.

Finally, thanks Man!
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  • pickusa NLF posted 2284 days ago

    pickusa NLF

    Check my Blog http://pickusaholly.info