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A sportswriter with a passion for team sports, Robert has been immersed in professional and collegiate sports for as long as he can remember, and now avidly covers them as a journalist and analyst.

In addition to being a Featured Columnist for the Los Angeles Dodgers and UCLA Men's Basketball team and a contributor to Bleacher Report's college basketball Top 25 writers poll, he has covered a broad range of events in the sports world, including the world football transfer window and baseball's World Series.

With a plethora of fellow sports writers joining the digital market, Robert remains true to his loyal readers by committing himself to quality and insightful writing. For him, it's not about how many reads his pieces get; it's about how many readers he can affect.

"These aren't just games--they are manifestations of humanity in an intense competition. The game never ends."

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  • Patrick Bates posted 1684 days ago

    Patrick Bates

    Their is something wrong with the comment function on the article about players grades. If you were a teacher everyone would want to take your class if you are going to grade like that. Kemp and Eithier should receive D-'s each and Uribe a D. Sorry, it is what it is not what it could or should be. How about our pitchers grades? Kershaw A, Ryu B, Beckett D-, Everyone else gets an incomplete due to injuries.

  • North Jersey posted 1758 days ago

    North Jersey

    In reference to kyle Anderson and your FAILING grade for the EXPECTATIONS for this season, how do you grade a player on his EXPECTATIONS when he isn't playing the position he was EXPECTED to play. Now if you are saying that his perfomance is failing in your opinion, I can respect your opinion. I believe that any coach in America would take their 4th option player to have these stats 9.6pts, 8.8rebs, 3.7asst, 1.7stls and lead the team in rebs, 2nd in asst, stls, and blks, but maybe i'm wrong.

  • TJ Michael posted 1951 days ago

    TJ Michael

    So did the Dodgers get Mike Trout yet?

  • Monica Bosque posted 1999 days ago

    Monica Bosque

    Hey, what happened to your article about the Dodgers making a trade for Mike Trout?

  • Chris Lane posted 2127 days ago

    Chris Lane

    Very nice article and odds in your "Top 25 Title Odds" story

  • Chris Lane posted 2159 days ago

    Chris Lane

    Thanks for taking your time to reach out. It is very much appreciated. Take care, brother. Good luck.

  • Chris Lane posted 2159 days ago

    Chris Lane

    You are a good guy...this I know. One other thing that I know is that I am good enough to write here at B/R. I won't ask you to pray for me, but I will ask you to wish me luck as my next article will be about how senseless the NCAA college basketball season really is for the top 20 teams... as it means just seedings for them and the top 35 could be on the outside looking in. I think that I will have too much words for that kind of entry. Any help you may have would be appreciated. I understand if you are too busy. Thanks bud. Good luck.