Jeff Rushing

Jeff Rushing


Jeff has yet to fill out a bio.

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  • Henry Ball posted 2681 days ago

    Henry  Ball

    Please check out my latest if you've got a minute.

    I hope you like it.

    Thanks! HB

  • mindi green posted 2945 days ago

    mindi green

    Hey!! I just posted a new article!!

  • mindi green posted 2946 days ago

    mindi green

    dude, why no bio?? Come on already!! I'm nosey!! LOL

  • mindi green posted 2946 days ago

    mindi green

    Hey!! Thanks for the fan thingy!! BTW don't let Cameon lie to you she is topless..somewhere!! LOL J/K! Don't tell her I said that she'll kill me!! What's with the "anyone who can beat Tiger" thing?? LOL

  • Cameon Shiflett posted 2952 days ago

    Cameon Shiflett

    Uh oh. It's never a good thing when your reputation proceeds you. Haha. Especially when you have Larry and Franklin talking about you. No matter what they tell you, there are no pictures of me topless. Haha. :)

    Your one of the "free spirits" on CTF huh? Well, welcome to moderation and opportunity no matter your age. :) I look forward to hearing your .02. And, if your really curious about who I am feel free to check out I'm not so nice. In fact, I believe CTF makes an appearence every now and then.

    Glad to have you aboard. If ya need anything just holla.

    Roll Tide,
    The Bama Chick (Cameon)

  • Cameon Shiflett posted 2953 days ago

    Cameon Shiflett

    Hey Jeff,

    Just wanted to drop by and say thanks for being a fan. :) May I ask which article(s) you read of mine or where you found me?

    Welcome to B/R. You'll have a great time here meeting new people and learning all you can about the Tide.

    Roll Tide,
    Bama Chick (Cameon)

  • Larry Burton posted 2953 days ago

    Larry Burton

    Thanks for looking me up here and for marking me as a fan. I'm now waiting for you to start writing yourself as I know from experience you have good ideas. There is even a Nascar site here!