I graduated in 2008 with a BA in English from the University of Southern Maine. I am presently the AFC East divisional blogger for Bleacher Report. I also cover the Patriots and the AFC East for Boston.com.

I started out as an editing intern here on Bleacher Report in 2009, and then became a New England Patriots Featured Columnist in January 2010, before being promoted to AFC East lead writer in February 2012. I have held positions with NESN (new media intern) and Cold, Hard Football Facts (Patriots beat writer/contributor), and am currently a Patriots/AFC East blogger for Boston.com/The Boston Globe.

I also co-host the PatsPropaganda and Frenz podcast with Mike Dussault of PatsPropaganda.com. Find the podcast here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/patspropaganda

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  • Dustin Mikusko posted 74 days ago

    Dustin Mikusko

    Hey Erik. Long-time follower, love your stuff. What's your take on all of the recent "Brady playing elsewhere" talk? Is it something you see as legit, in terms of happening "sooner rather than later?" I can't help but almost chuckle at it, but hopefully you have a little more insight than I do. I am, however, in Texas..

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  • Will posted 195 days ago



    Great piece of writing on your recent Geno Smith article.

  • Phil Grimes posted 211 days ago

    Phil Grimes

    I posted this exact same thing on Matt Miller's wall. I'm going to defend Ray Rice because I still don't know the full details of the situation. I'm going to post exactly what I posted on the BaltimoreRavens.com board, with a few slight add ins, but no deletions.

    "I still want to see a video of actually went down in that elevator if it truly does exist. It would clear up several questions so fast.

    However, if the report I saw was true and he struck her twice after she attacked him, and she knocked her head on the rail, it's not a massive surprise. We don't know what that attack looked like, if she just stopped after he hits her once or if she keeps going, etc. Those are big details right there. What if she attacks him relentlessly and is going below the belt? I mean, you're going to likely try hard to get it stop.

    Also, it doesn't sound like he struck her so hard that she was knocked out. She hit a rail. Now, alcohol was likely very heavily involved, and while it's not an excuse for their actions, can you say that alcohol does not significantly affect your stability and balance? What if him "striking" her simply consisted of him lightly pushing her off? That's a big difference. I somehow doubt that he could have hit her that hard because she had no significant or reported injuries. More than likely, he was trying his best to get her off and the intoxication resulted in her loss of balance and she hit her head on the rail, knocking her out, but also not resulting in no significant injury.

    Lastly, for all of those getting nasty that he didn't apologize to her, did she apologize to him? She reportedly started the entire incident by attacking him, which kinda brought everything upon them. His reaction of course helped, but this doesn't happen if she doesn't attack. It's a two way street, so don't get upset with him not publicly apologizing because she didn't either. Anyway, I think them getting counseling and marriage is a far greater form of apology than just saying sorry. Remember, actions speak louder than words. He could just say sorry, or he could show he really is, and it sounds like he is. Mr. Palmer forgave Rice, and that's a huge step in the right direction.

    *New* Anyway, what does it matter if he apologizes publicly? This was a matter between Rice and his wife. I am not his wife, you are not his wife, only Janay is his wife. Why should he have to apologize publicly to her? I'm sure he did apologize privately to her, so don't act like he didn't. That's just dumb. Either way, he did say he was sorry for everyone affected by the incident, which presumably includes Janay, which is the same as what she said, for what it's worth. Again, either way, it doesn't matter because this was a private matter, and I'm sure he apologized to her privately. I somehow doubt this press conference was to apologize to her, but rather to everyone who got negative media attention, which would be the Ravens organization as a whole. He apologized to the Ravens organization.

    Now, he's certainly is taking accountability and responsibility for it. He's gotten married, counseling, and was clearly very sincere from that press conference. Choice of words could have been better, but he still was trying to rectify the situation. *End New*

    I would just like to see the video before I make any hasty decisions. I tried to think of it logically above, and not jump to conclusions based solely on hot headed emotions. Now, I could be completely off base here, but we don't know.

    At the very least, at least he came out and spoke on the incident. He could have cowered in the shadows and not said anything after he found out he would not face a trial, but he chose to own up to his actions. That's a real man right there. I can't say many people on here are likely to call for their own press conference and say, "I was wrong." That takes some serious guts. I realize you are quick to judge because he didn't say the perfect things, but at least he said anything at all.

    It sounded like he was sincere and speaking from the heart. He and Janay seemed truly sincere and just wanted to move on from this. Why is that so hard for fans? Once his suspension is over, hopefully this will be done."

    Sure, you in the media can pick him apart all you want, but that doesn't change the fact that he's taking the steps he needs to in order to fix this situation. I don't really care if you reply, but it's something to think on.

  • Adam Meyer posted 261 days ago

    Adam Meyer

    Hey remember when you wrote this little nugget http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1754369-10-bold-predictions-for-the-new-york-jets-2013-season/page/3

  • Mike Allen posted 277 days ago

    Mike Allen

    Erik: I read your recent article about the Pats secondary and how t has improved with the additions made in free agency, and I agree. However, the positives will be offset by the biggest negative possible as long as Kyle Arrington remains a part of the secondary. He is pitiful, and possibly one of the worst, if not THE worst cover corner in the NFL, regardless of whether he is playing inside or outside. As long as he is on the field he will be the target of opposing quarterbacks and he will be responsible for more negatives on defense than all of the other defensive players put together. Why he remains on this roster is a mystery. One has to wonder what kind of incriminating pictures he has of Belichick, Kraft or someone else in the Pats hierarchy. ARRINGTON MUST BE REMOVED, HE IS A CANCER.

  • Scott Schille posted 320 days ago

    Scott Schille

    The Bleacher Report should fire you or they better make sure you are not writing NFL articles. Before the start of tonight's game, the #1 defense has beaten the #1 offense (in the Super Bowl) 3 out of 4 times. Now, the #1 defense has beaten the #1 offense 4 out of 5 times in the Super Bowl. The great head coach Vince Lombardi has said, "Defense wins championships!"

    Teams who have record-setting offenses (like the Broncos) usually lose the Super Bowl. Remember the Patriots in 2009? Do you see the similarities between this year's Broncos and the 2009 Patriots? Now, I realize that was a much closer Super Bowl, but the Giants had a good enough defense to beat that prolific offense. How can you be oblivious to that trend? Off with your NFL journalistic head!!!!

  • Larry King Geoff posted 333 days ago

    Larry King Geoff

    Great article on Pettine...Cheers.

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