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Rockem Boppers


To keep it short, my name is Paxton and writing is my passion. Not just sports writing, I write in all forms. Documentary, Creative Writing, and Lyricism are other areas I am experienced in. I am a Packer fan, born and raised. Aside from writing I do photography, as well as parkour, skateboarding, and being a musician. I am respectful to most and am very open-minded; so feel free to express your opinions on my articles. I hope to obtain some notoriety here.

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  • Boone posted 2315 days ago


    I don't think I would agree that you are respectful. You indicated that you felt I was a moron because you didn't understand my comparison of two players. I was taking 2 players and comparing the first three seasons of each player's career, respectively. It is the same theory as comparing Michael Jordan's first 3 seasons with Lebron James first 3 seasons, or Kevin Garnett's first three seasons. Obviously we all know that those players were not drafted in the same year. However, since you do not understand that method of comparison, you referred to me as a moron. I find that very disrepectful.