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  • Kelvin Lee posted 163 days ago

    Kelvin Lee

    Looks like you have stopped writing BR articles. I've been pretty busy the past 2 years too. Any thoughts of coming back? I really did enjoy your articles, there aren't very many quality writers in BR anymore...

  • Ahmd AbdAllah posted 235 days ago

    Ahmd AbdAllah

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  • Danny Carlino posted 390 days ago

    Danny Carlino

    Narcissistic tool? That's a tad harsh. He's just confident in his opinions. Nobody's right all the time but presenting your views with confidence and facts to back them up is hardly narcissistic or tool-like.

  • Spartan Souljah posted 625 days ago

    Spartan Souljah

    Haha Darryl the attention/page views whore appears to be on a [hopefully permanent] hiatus.

  • Alex Bueno posted 632 days ago

    Alex Bueno

    Where did Darrell go?

  • Tom Firme posted 715 days ago

    Tom Firme

    Too bad Darrell had to go. I enjoyed reading his stuff as much as any other writer on B/R. He was different. He presented different angles from what others would present. Darrell loves his teams and shows it with a critical eye. I'll miss reading his stuff.

  • John Galt posted 716 days ago

    John Galt

    Being a narcissistic tool was bound to catch up. No loss to anyone who understands, well, sports in general. That's something Darrell couldn't, or wouldn't, even attempt to do. How many times can someone write the same 3 articles? Soriano sucks, Lovie can't coach, and Rose shouldn't have been in the game when he got hurt. We get it, unfortunately he didn't. Good luck with your car selling career, but you won't be missed by those of us who are able to put together a cognitive thought.

  • Larry Southworth posted 723 days ago

    Larry Southworth

    Darrell, what the hell happened to your most recent article re Lovie Smith. I just went out to BR and it was no longer available.

  • Abdallah Awwad posted 746 days ago

    Abdallah Awwad

    Hey Darrell i was wondering what you thought of getting klay thompson via trade, he would be our sg, he's 6 7 so he won't be abused by larger sgs, he has decent defense, and shoots 41 percent from three point arc, he would fit in with the bulls offensively,

  • Cecil Riley posted 752 days ago

    Cecil Riley

    Hey, hope all is well. Saw this in an ESPN article and thought back to a conversation we had...

    As hard as it is to remember now, there was legitimate debate in the summer of 2008 over whether the Bulls should take Beasley or Derrick Rose with the top overall pick in the draft. Obviously, Chicago made the right call --Rose blossomed into an MVP, while Beasley has struggled to find any rhythm as a pro.

    Looking forward to checking out more ofyour work, no matter how buried your stories may be

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