1. College Football 2011: "What If" Scenarios and Fixing the Dang System

    So the year ended and Auburn was crowned the national champions of college football after beating Oregon 22-19 in what was the first real championship game the BCS has put together in five years since Texas beat USC in the Rose Bowl...

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  2. Flash Golden! How Miami's 2012 Recruiting Class Is Growing Daily

    Keith "Cinco" Brown, Randy "Duke" Johnson, A.J. Leggett, Willie Bailey...What do they have in common? 1. They are all from the great state of Florida 2...

    Mike Burke Written by Mike Burke about almost 4 years ago 5,514 reads 9 comments

  3. Miami Hurricanes' Golden Era Has Begun!

    I have to admit, I was not thrilled when Kirby Hocutt uttered the words: "Al Golden is the new coach of the University of Miami Hurricanes...

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  4. Hurricane Offense Gets Whippled Into Shape by New Offensive Coordinator

    Finally, someone has brought creativity back to The U. His name: Mark Whipple. For the last thirty years, the University of Miami has long been known for bringing not only swagger to games but an offense that can put up 40+ points on any given Saturday.

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