Jennie Luptak

Jennie Luptak


I love hockey.

I would take hockey on a movie date, buy it popcorn and Raisinettes, and let it hog the armrest. I would make sure hockey was home before curfew.

That's how truly, deeply, madly I love hockey.

College basketball and I are slightly less committed, and I'll follow most other sports when they tease me into doing so. I'm a big believer in Kenny Mayne and the Code, and I was more than a little upset when Brian Engblom cut his mullet.

I hate pink jerseys more than anything else in the world.

I like to write about the unknown—the trade no one cares about, the player who everyone's forgotten, the angle no one's thought of. Perhaps fittingly, my favorite authors are Rick Reilly and Jack Falla.

I would trade my soul, but not my skates, for 365 days of playoff-caliber hockey.

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  • Adam Greuel posted 3072 days ago

    Adam Greuel

    Hey there,

    I just published another part of my top 100 hockey players ever list, this time ranking numbers 50 to 41. Please, take a look and leave feedback:

  • Taylor Rummel posted 3075 days ago

    Taylor Rummel

    Hey Jennie,

    Ever wonder why professional athletes go broke?:

    Feedback is appreciated.


  • Dan Rice posted 3095 days ago

    Dan Rice

    check it out, hope you like it...

  • Andrew Pargoff posted 3139 days ago

    Andrew Pargoff

    Thank you, and I'm sorry I jumped down your throat, I took that as you bashing Lidstrom before you replied to a comment on the article.

    I can't wait for next year, and hopefully a third straight Finals featuring the Wings and Pens, that would really get the rest of the NHL in a frenzy, wouldn't it?

  • Paul Swaney posted 3152 days ago

    Paul Swaney

    When you have a minute, check out my latest slide show about upcoming milestones we should be seeing this season.

  • Eric Naughton posted 3155 days ago

    Eric Naughton

    Check out my new article:

  • Eric Naughton posted 3165 days ago

    Eric Naughton

    Thanks for the fan add. I've enjoyed your articles as well. If you have a second, check out this article I wrote around the time Brodeur topped the wins record:

    I think it's pretty funny. It also got a lot of great comments for additional jokes.

    GO PENS!!!

  • Wooooo posted 3169 days ago


    I'm sure you aren't alone in the category of those haunted by Boudreau in their dreams. That is one scary human.