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I was a kid growing up in north Philly when I heard DA news, "We got the Doc! the Doctor is coming! Dr J is gonna be a Sixers!!!" That's the day, the year that probably most influenced my whole life, for the better and for the worst... That's when basketball became bigger than baseball to me. That's when I told my mom I was groing my fro from now on, that's when I decided to be cool, as cool as the Doc. Actually I probably became a little too cool, started hanging out with the wrong people to try and impress the wrong kinda girls... Even though I was still playing high school basketball, I started doing more partying than practicing. What had to happen happened I got kicked out of high school at 16 then and decided to go wild and funk my life to the fullest... Fortunately I also had good influences around me to help tame some of the bad funk inside and after a couple of years of Supergroovalisticprosifunkstication I came back down, closer to what people identify as the real world. I said closer, not quite IN it yet...

So I come from the '70's, Dr J, Bruce Lee, Muhammad Ali, Garry Templeton, Fat Albert, Bake McBride, Walter Payton, George Clinton & P-Funk, to Dennis Rodman n the Detroit Bad Boys, Wu-Tang Clan...
All influenced and inspired who I was and who I've become, still in great shape at 41 thanks to balancing all the partying with sports and martial arts.

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  • Kenny Crute posted 3237 days ago

    Kenny Crute

    Brotha, at 40, I can relate to everything you said! I am a child of the funk too, and glad to see another face like mine here. Let your voice loose, spread the funk on this site, and inspire others. That is my challenge to you. I will read your stuff, and state my case, in hopes that you will do the same. So until next time,..Stay Up!

    One Nation,


    My Middle name is Tyrone, and my surname by birth is Jones. We have that in common