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Calculus or Shakespeare ? Pick Your Poison


My poker username is PHD_$_Thiefs

The amount of time I have spent playing online poker has been limited because of other matters. Definitely considering to make a serious push as a professional online poker player in the near future.

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Strong possibility of the NFL being diluted in quality, by extending the regular season to 18 games. My solution generates additional league revenue and increased competition, without sacrificing the quality and integrity of the NFL.

Possible Solution for NFL 18 game Schedule

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  • Michael Keller posted 936 days ago

    Michael Keller

    Thanks for the Like on my article on Tebow. He is a lightning rod. Also enjoyed your article on the 18 game season.

  • Barbara Bruno posted 1026 days ago

    Barbara Bruno

    Finally had a chance to read your 18-game schedule idea. Love it! And yes, of course owners, coaches and fans will be on board. Hope the players see it as you do - but of course the owners will have to come up with real game checks for the two extra games. I especially like the adjustable bye week idea. If you like the Browns I just finished an article on them. That's who BR has me covering.
    Oh, and Shakespeare for sure.

  • Dave Morrison posted 1036 days ago

    Dave Morrison

    Hey John,

    You can post specific questions here:

    Please let me know if you are still having issues. I will be happy to help!


    Dave Mo

  • John Simons posted 1037 days ago

    John Simons

    Sorry Sam I don't follow Fantasy Football, but the Giants look like a team heading for a losing skid, if that helps.

  • sam uzzo posted 1037 days ago

    sam uzzo

    hey john should i drop devery henderson and pick up victor cruz?

  • Dave Morrison posted 1041 days ago

    Dave Morrison

    Hey John,

    For any questions regarding applications please feel free to post in the forum:

    We will be happy to help!


    Dave Mo

  • Brandon Galvin posted 1044 days ago

    Brandon Galvin

    Interesting stuff, completely disagree with everyone making the playoffs though.

  • John Simons posted 1044 days ago

    John Simons

    BleacherReport did not accept my submission "Possible Solution for NFL 18 game Schedule".

    I am not sure If I can submit it again.

    Visit my blog and tell me what you think about this new NFL 18 Game Schedule format