Sam Ross

Sam Ross


I am a big sports fan, but not the type that watches every game from start to finish. I live with my girlfriend and work as a computer programmer/technical designer. Although i currently live in Chicago, IL (trying to adopt the Bulls/Cubs/Blackhawks), I am a native of Toledo, OH and a graduate of the University of Michigan.

I am extremely dedicated to Michigan Wolverine football and with the 2009 tourney bid Wolverine basketball is back on the map. I am also a big Cleveland sports fan, growing up tortured by the Browns and Indians. Lebron James saved me from losing all interest in the NBA, re-kindling feelings I hadn't known since Craig Ehlo. Purely based on interest in their color scheme and logo when I was 10 years old, I am a somewhat involved New Jersey Devils fan as well.

Outside of sports, I am into music and technology. I play guitar, occasionally write and record music, and keep up with computer-nerd stuff.

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