Dylan Sharek

Dylan Sharek


I have an odd attachment to Major League Baseball teams that suck including the Pirates, Royals, Reds and the Nationals. Hey, I guess I just like the underdogs.


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  • Ash Marshall posted 2576 days ago

    Ash Marshall

    Hey Dylan,

    I'm writing articles on the MLB 9s and thought you'd be interested in the Chicago Cubs' piece.


    Let me know what you think.



  • Griffin Cooper posted 2757 days ago

    Griffin Cooper

    Hey Dylan,

    The All Star game isn't until July, but if it were to happen now, who would the starters be? A lot could change between now and then, but I'd like to recognize some of the top performers in the early goings. I'd love to hear your opinion on my choices, thanks a lot.



  • Ari Horing posted 2852 days ago

    Ari Horing

    Hey Dylan,

    I really like your writing and I was wondering if you wanted to join this site I recently created two weeks ago called www.TheSportingTruth.com. I'm still working on getting a better logo. But the site looks really good right now.

    If your interested just let me know and I'll send the details to you.


    Ari Horing

  • Jersey Al Bracco posted 2853 days ago

    Jersey Al Bracco

    Some A-Rod Humor:



  • Josh Levitt posted 2858 days ago

    Josh Levitt

    Thanks for being a fan!


  • Mike Kent posted 2862 days ago

    Mike  Kent

    My first sideshow!!
    And as a Mets hater i think you will like it
    I would like to know what you think


  • Tab Bamford posted 2884 days ago

    Tab Bamford

    I just put together a marathon of a slide show devoted to the Cubs I think you'll get a kick out of. I don't get too excited about much that I do on here, but I'm pretty proud of this one. Let me know what you think:


  • Bryn Swartz posted 2888 days ago

    Bryn Swartz


  • L.J. Burgess posted 2900 days ago

    L.J. Burgess

    Your Texeira/Yanks piece is right on...

    We should swap BB cards sometime. I still have mine from '63-'80...like 100,000+ of 'em. I got into the '50's sets back in the mid '80's but dropped out when prices became investments rather than fun.