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I have been away for a while but am glad to be back. The older you get, the more you enjoy life and baseball.
I'm not "old" yet but a few scares have me appreciating everything a lot more...... Sports are one of the few great equalizers. You don't have to have money, you don't have to share the same religion or background or language or traditions, when you are a good athlete you are the fortunate one. Whatever anyone else may have or not, when you're a good athlete, you are now the one they admire. Remember that when you don't think you can run any more sprints or flights or do that extra rep, or even when you are studying film. Put in the time and work and watch them watch you...........Not too much time in the film room now, lol. Hey, if you're real good theres a few bucks to be made too.

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  • J.C. Ayvazi posted 2379 days ago

    J.C. Ayvazi

    Greetings TD-

    If you get a chance, please check out the new articles I have written. One is about Jeff Kent's retiring and his replacements, one is on how I would change the game of baseball from the commissioner's chair and the other is an all star break grading of the LA Kings hockey team.

    You should recognize your handiwork on the middle one.

    All the best!

  • J.C. Ayvazi posted 2426 days ago

    J.C. Ayvazi

    Hello TD-

    Been away for a bit due to work, now back and would appreciate your kind attention to my latest:

    All the best!


  • J.C. Ayvazi posted 2460 days ago

    J.C. Ayvazi

    Hey TD -

    Thanks for understanding where I was coming from, even if I was a bit harsh about it. I don't mind a few elbows being thrown, but the Raiderfan in me comes out (as a Bronco fan, you know how ticked off we are at this point) when it gets racial or sexual. When at a game, I feel quality hecklers don't need to go there, and this is really a written extension of the bleachers after all.

    So, let me extend a more civil welcome to B/R. I look forward to reading more of what you have to say. Please realize that humor in the written word may appear to others different than you intended it.

    If you are interested in a Dodger fans tribute to Yankee Stadium, you can check this out:

    All the best!