No children. I cannot work now. The Department of Work and Pensions declared that I was unemployable due to my NARCOLEPSY, CATAPLEXY and LYMPHOEDEMA. Added to this is now BLADDER CANCER, which was discovered in June 2009. I have had 5 cystoscopies and 21 immunotherapy treatments. I have been declared clear but will never be declared cured as a check must be maintained for the rest of my life. So this is going to mean further flexible cystoscopies and immunotherapies. I have had eye surgery on my right eye and laser treatment on the left. On December 30, 2009 became a step-grandfather. A girl named Samantha, then again on October 31 2012, a boy named Hayes Michael.

I am a published author all be it one book. I am working on another which looks at my area during 1914-1918. At the end will be a Roll of Honour to those who fell during The Great War and lived in the Enfield area. This Roll of Honour is also on the web:- .

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