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Graduated from Loughborough University a long time ago with a degree in PE and English.
Taught for several years before entering family Construction Company. Now semi retired.
Played soccer at many levels into my 50's. Now watch it (and most other sports) live or on TV, whenever possible (according to my wife!)
Became obsessed with Man Utd in the late 1950's around the time of the Munich crash and have been a hopeless addict ever since.
Great admirer of the Dutch 'total football' revolution in the '70's
Wrote a regular feature for for a couple of years as 'The Antagonist'

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  • Abz posted 1645 days ago


    Hi Mark,

    Hope you're well.

    What do you think our line-up will look like next season? Any players you'd like to get rid off and which of the players that we have been linked with, do you think we'll buy?

  • Abz posted 1665 days ago


    Oh right. Well that's good to hear! My Grandad and Dad keep telling me that I have it lucky because they had to support the team during the hard times, and my generation are getting trophies every other season pretty much! I'm sure you feel the same way!

    Well, you certainly don't look it in the picture. Nice dog btw, absolutely love dogs!

  • Abz posted 1665 days ago


    Thanks for writing insightful articles!
    Are you from Manchester as well then?

  • Sports Lover posted 1665 days ago

    Sports Lover

    Love your work.:)

  • Christopher Robins posted 1670 days ago

    Christopher Robins

    If you'd like to keep a track of my blogs I've just uploaded a new one of my Manchester starting 11 under Sir Alex Ferguson.

    Links here if you'd care to take a look.

  • Max Willis2 posted 1734 days ago

    Max Willis2

    My 1st choice would be Jurgen Klopp, by a lond distance too. I honestly believe he is the best manager in the world apart from SAF. I understand your point about Moyes, but i dont think he is good enough for United. Klopp and Mourinho are miles ahead of him imo. What is your opinion on Klopp and Dortmund?

  • Max Willis2 posted 1734 days ago

    Max Willis2

    More than welcome, i have liked all of your articles (That i have read) so it's great adding you. :)
    You must be happy to see BHA doing so well now, and due to Poyet's growing reputation, can you see him staying for much longer? And while we are on managers, who would you like to see as United's next manager?

  • Max Willis2 posted 1735 days ago

    Max Willis2

    I see that you like Brighton? Why is that?
    Im from Brighton btw, but im not an Albion fan.

  • Abz posted 1736 days ago


    No worries, Mark. I couldn't understand some of the stick you got on the article though! I guess, the chelsea picture on their profile gave away their alliances though haha.

  • Will Tidey posted 1742 days ago

    Will Tidey