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I was born_____ down by the river. Son of a sharecropper, blah, blah, blah, long inspirational story, blah, blah, blah. What the hell do you care?!? You don't even know me!

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  • Jeff Kalafa posted 2243 days ago

    Jeff Kalafa

    You're point about the ACC expanding for the reason of getting two new markets is well taken.

    But if it was market share they were interested in, why not add Rutgers? Rutgers is greater New York's team.

    And why not add USF? Isn't Tampa/St. Pete a bigger market than either Pitt or Syracuse?

    Now some folks say it's about solidifying the East by adding Pitt and Syracuse to Bost Coll.

    But why not solidy Florida by adding USF to FSU and Miami?

    One more thing: Adding markets could be a good thing but when it comes to football, what will Pitt or Syracuse do for national interest?

    So I'm still not sure if a 14 team ACC is a better fininancial arrangement for their teams than a 12 team ACC.