My name's Jon. I was born and raised in Toronto and lived there until the age of 18 when I moved to Ottawa, Ontario to study at Carleton University. I have just completed my first year of study at the College of Sports Media in downtown Toronto in an attempt to become a sports broadcaster.

Sports have always been my passion, from hockey, to football, to american football to NASCAR, I'll watch any and all of them.

For that reason, you can find me on here writing about anything from the NHL, to college football, to world football.

I'm always up for a good sports conversation and am found on twitter nearly every hour of the day @JonReidCSM. Feel free to hit me up on there anytime.


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  • Samir posted 270 days ago



    You still think that Dickey trade was good ;)

  • Mista Amazing posted 364 days ago

    Mista Amazing

    I am going to catch up to u

  • Dylan Gonzalez posted 375 days ago

    Dylan Gonzalez

    No problem. Thanks for the thanks!

  • Michael Wilson posted 379 days ago

    Michael Wilson

    No problem, Jon. Keep up the great work!

  • Mark Ferdinand posted 380 days ago

    Mark Ferdinand

    My pleasure. Sorry that hockey is over. The summer drought begins.

  • Samir posted 381 days ago


    You've been writing some solid pieces on the trade. Great job

  • Ben Millikan posted 382 days ago

    Ben Millikan

    No problem, Jon. Glad I could help. If you're referring to this upcoming draft, we're pretty far down, but the draft is so deep I think we'll walk away with a quality pick or two. I see a lot of reports of the Ducks eyeing Ian McCoshen—and I love big D-men! Interested to see the battle between the pipes next season between Optimus Reim and Bernier.

  • Richard Gubitosi posted 382 days ago

    Richard Gubitosi

    You're welcome for the edits, Jon. I think it's always better to link to the original source of a story, which in this case is the tweet. I think that it's best to embed the tweet into the story, but to be honest, I don't know how to do that, so I inserted the link. In the next graf, you refer to the Edmonton Journal story, so I didn't really place that source—I just added another one.

  • Tiffany Brennan posted 430 days ago

    Tiffany Brennan

    You're welcome, Jon! Keep up the good work.

  • Vinh Cao posted 432 days ago

    Vinh Cao

    Redundant maybe, but I tend to opt for a "better safe than sorry" mentality with hyperlinks. Where the Leafs are concerned, I really am hoping they can make this a competitive series.

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