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I cover Liverpool and the Premier League for Bleacher Report, and I'm also the resident football business specialist, covering business, globalization and larger off-field trends in football. I'm interested in exploring the good that societal and commercial good that football - and sport in general - can achieve.

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  • Zack Bondy posted 1179 days ago

    Zack Bondy

    Dear Vince, quick question. Who do you reckon would be a better signing for liverpool this winter: Reus, Isco, Pedro or a CDM? I'd like to hear your thoughts

  • Cristiano Messi posted 1235 days ago

    Cristiano Messi

    your article about how Lambert gets 20+ goals in all competitions was spot on..

  • Benny D posted 1236 days ago

    Benny D

    hey Vince! hope all is well. a new club like NYCFC would need to sign how many? a full roster is usually 21-24 players? what do you think about the lampard deal, and how some of europe's best are coming here to the states as DP's? I'm sensing mixed emotions in here. some like it, and think it's good... others, not so much

  • Cristiano Messi posted 1249 days ago

    Cristiano Messi

    hey Vince..I am one of the very few non- liverpool fans who thinks liverpool can do well without Suarez...I personally think liverpool should address the LB/RB issue before anything..I think liverpool's attack is able enough even without's why
    1. sturrdge-capable of scoring 20+ goals
    2. Sterling- 10-15 goals
    3. Coutinho,Lambert and possibly new signings with Suarez's money..
    but the defense has been bad and has cost liverpool a lot..
    do you agree with this ??

  • Benny D posted 1270 days ago

    Benny D

    Thanks Vince- I am loving every minute of it!

  • Benny D posted 1271 days ago

    Benny D

    Hi vince... hope all is well and you are enjoying the WC

  • Harshit Vatsyayan posted 1291 days ago

    Harshit  Vatsyayan

    And I live in India.

  • Harshit Vatsyayan posted 1291 days ago

    Harshit  Vatsyayan

    Hey, Vince. How have you.been? Well, a little disappointed that we couldn't win the title but I'm happy that we are back in the Champions League. It 's the first time since I started following football (and Liverpool), that we have been in the CL so I'm pretty excited about it.

    1) Rickie Lambert. A really surprising signing. And despite all the negative comments that it has been receiving, I think it is a great deal. What are your thoughts??

    2) Do you think it is the right time to move for Will Hughes?? Or should we wait another season?? Or should we buy him and then loan him out??

    3) Should Chung Young Lee (forgive me if you found any spelling mistake) move back to the EPL?? I think he is good enough to even play for Liverpool, if it weren't for his injury issues.

  • Harshit Vatsyayan posted 1314 days ago

    Harshit  Vatsyayan

    Hi, Vince. I guess all Liverpool fans will become West Ham fans come Sunday. Hoping they can do something.

    1) Do you think Ryan Mclaughlin should get a chance in the first team next season??

    2) Should Liverpool move for Serge Aurier?? Can play at both CB and RB and in my opinion he would be a better target than Micah Richards.

    Where do you live??

  • Harshit Vatsyayan posted 1333 days ago

    Harshit  Vatsyayan

    Hi,Vince. Thanks for answering my question.

    1) What do you think of Jack Dunn?? I thought he was going down the Adam Morgan path,but he has been awesome in the past couple of months.

    2) I disagree with your suggestion that Liverpool should buy Ross Barkley. I think Isco is a much better and potentially achievable target than him. What do you think??