Clint Thompson

Clint Thompson


My name is Clint Thompson. I grew up in Mountain Brook and graduated from Mountain Brook High School in 2001. Attended and Graduated from the University of Alabama from 2001-2005. Earned my B.A in Marketing and Advertising. I am now back at the University working on my MBA at night!

I live and work in downtown Birmingham.

I enjoy all UA Athletics.


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  • Kevin McGrady posted 2291 days ago

    Kevin McGrady

    I have simply been watching and analyzing the video from games as is always the case this time of year.
    If you are interested in Alabama and Auburn, it appears neither did very well. Alabama was only so-so on defense against a team most high schools in your area would soundly defeat. There were wide open receivers in the seams on almost every play, but I expect that may be corrected.
    The horrid looking coverage on special teams and lack of any organized returns, may still be fixed at some point.
    Alabama does not only not have a quarterback, they have two players that proved this beyond any shadow of a doubt by trowing four interceptions against what is likely one of the bottom in college football. Murray State beat them 41-10 to start the season in 2010 and Western Michigan beat them 38-3 in 2010. Neither team allowed them as much offense as Alabama and neither team turned the ball over to them five times.
    Alabama is very bad on offense and their offensive line problems are worse than I had anticipated. Alabama allowed 7 tackles for a loss that ranks them 78th nation wide after game one with a cupcake team. That is much worse than LSU or Ole Miss, teams that actually played quality competition. Alabama is also ranked 43rd nationally after one week in rushing offense after playing a team they had totally outmatched on the line.

    Auburn looked very tight and rigid on offense to start the season. This seemed to change as the game progressed and they looked very good toward the end of the game.
    They were awful rushing the ball only averaging 2.60 yards per carry. This was largely due to missed blocking assignments by the offensive line early in the game. They did allow two sacks, but they were playing a much better team. Auburn allowed five tackles for loss and this was expected in the first game of the season for a new offensive line. Overall the Auburn offense looked and performed well and quarterback play was very good.
    Auburn special teams looked solid, with kickoffs looking spectacular.
    Auburn had no turnovers, but their lack of gaining turnovers is something to look hard at.

    The Auburn defense was atrocious with defensive tackles resorting to high school bull rushing tactics when faced by an experienced offensive line. They were simply taken to school for the entire game. While they did accumulate 8.5 tackles for a loss, there were gaps in the defense all day. The other troubling part is that Auburn did not play press coverage. It is hard to tell if this was simply due to a poor game plan or a lack of confidence in the players. Due to this short slants and timed route patterns were available all game to Utah State.