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  • H Andel posted 2182 days ago

    H Andel

    Thanks for adding me to your list of writers. I appreciate it greatly.

  • Bleacher report posted 2235 days ago

    Bleacher report

    Man city the new invincibles?


  • Bleacher report posted 2235 days ago

    Bleacher report

    Che 3-5 Ars

    You have to admit that was suicide football by both teams and a gift for arsenal.


    -Chelsea had no drogba.
    -Szsesny should of got sent off.
    -Malouda's error.
    -Both chelsea and arsenal were terrible defensively!
    -Santos despite scoring got beaten way too many times.

    A great watch but clean sheets win you titles trust me i would know. Both Chelsea and Arsenal cannot defend like that and expect to win silverware.

    Look at united- Everton 0-1 Manchester United that is how you collect 3 points and maintain consistency. Defensively arsenal looked shaky and you cannot deny that chelsea were terrible defensively as well but that is my point about arsenals back four mertesacker 6ft6 got beaten way too easily at times.

    Defensively it was a poor performance by both teams overall a good day for neutrals in terms of attacking football. But if chelsea and arsenal defend how they did they will drop points fast.

    I bet you cant wait for Man city in the carling cup. If arsenal defend how they did today against man city you as well as everyone knows they will get punished hard.

    But the scoreline suggests suicide football and poor defensive performances by both teams.

  • Bleacher report posted 2236 days ago

    Bleacher report

    Well all the evidence stacks up against arsenal i dont have to keep typing it, it is there for everyone to see. It will not only be me reminding you about arsenal others see it the way I do as well. Thank god for samuel mensah the only arsenal articles i can appreciate.

    Arsenal are not a threat, it will be hard for them to establish themselves as a threat again. Their defence will be their downfall all teams have to do is mount pressure. Bolton were extremely unlucky near the end of the carling up to miss some close up goals but they opened arsenal.

    At the end of it Nasri, Clichy, Fabregas have left nobody can deny that and they left for reasons key to my debating. Even wenger admitted that "you cant convince people that you are ambitious if you let your star players go". Now all wenger hopes for is progress and a 4th spot.

    Going in to the chelsea match wenger just wants to see how much his team has improved. Chelsea are a test for arsenal. We'll see how they do.

    De Geas credentials speak for himself:

    -Europa league with atletico.
    -Super cup with atletico.
    -community shield with united 2011.
    -Spain u17 and u21 champions.
    -Let in 6 goals as opposed to the 8 szscesny let in.
    -Great saves so far for his first season in the epl.

    I dont have to worry about de gea he speaks for himself its hard facts.

    I am happy with united they can win silverware at least i mean last season they won the epl. This season they probably will again europe will make man city drop points.

    I could argue with you all day but from here i will let arsenal embarrass you and themselves i am sure there will be a few hiccups waiting the gunners. I will be here to remind you.

    Till then..

  • Bleacher report posted 2239 days ago

    Bleacher report

    Our midfield is crap? considering:

    -it slaughtered arsenal 8-2, with theo, arshavin and van persie in the squad.

    -if anything arsenals midfield is weaker because of the departures of cesc and nasri, arteta and a humiliating loan of benayoun from chelsea are no replacements.

    -last season united won the premier league, arsenal could of gave themselves the chance but they bottled. Whilst arsenal continue their drought and constant wailing of their up and coming young players who you over hype, united will continue to haul in silverware.

    -arsenals "great" midfield of song, rosicky, nasri and wilshere could not deliver the carling cup last season.

    Hernandez and Welbeck should scare you other supporters hate to admit it but they know that they are quality strikers who have been sublime all the way. On top of that we have rooney, if he is injured then united have much depth up front.



    Apart from van persie who else is a goal threat up front who can consistently score like van persie if he is injured? Arsenal are dangerously a one man team and wenger realises this.

    I dont think you know much about football you seem to be very naive in your comments you must be quite new to the sport.

    I mean saying united defence is "dodgy" is funny from an arsenal supporter because i admit arsenal supporters would know a lot about "dodgy" defences but look where united are and what they done last season and you would come to the conclusion that our defence is capable. Phil jones and smalling arsenal also wanted but wisely they chose united and i know they have impressed you and me even if you do not want to admit it.

    You do know who phil jones and chris smalling are?

    You dont care that clichy and nasri lef? your replacements are gibbs, santos ad gervinho. Arsenal and the supporters do care i mean nasri really embarrassed the supporters especially the arsenal supporters on bleacher report. They were all saying how he would sign a contract and he left a slap in the face. Gervinho cannot play in central midfield nasri can. Nasri can also play as a winger. Santos is very attack minded compared to clichy who is faster and better defensively. Santos is better in crosses and attack then clichy but defensively clichy is better and clichy is more important as defensively he plays well at man city. At man city he is improving and has fit in well.

    Clichy, Nasri and Fabregas went to further their careers and that is embarrassing and worrying for arsenal. Taking chelseas fringe players is not the answer.

    While you hope for 4th and continue to lose players slowly manchester united will always be winning. Its simple. I mean you are an arsenal supporter and whatever you debate with me is amusing because it is so easy to find arsenals faults as its supported evidently.

    How do you support the drought? how do you support players leaving? how do explain a top 4 finish all the time as arsenals goal?

    Antonio i understand that you are excited van persie is on form, united have lost to city 6-1 but also remember how united have started badly in the past and won the premier league, many times that has happened.

    You will know how Ferguson will react.

    Arsenal are in no state of winning they are slowly getting the basics right, thats shocking.

    But you are a naive and probably suffering from a van persie euphoria at the moment like most arsenal supporters. But ill bring you back to reality when it kicks in, ill be here to remind you.

  • Bleacher report posted 2240 days ago

    Bleacher report

    Check this link out:

    How would i R8 (rate) uniteds performance? Well they never conceded 8, 6 was enough.

    lol who is david hendrick?

    Arsenal cannot win silverware come on antonio, if you want to rub in the loss to man city, step back and consider the can of worms you will be opening as you are an arsenal supporter, even you can agree that losing 8 against united and on top of that they had other embarrassing losses. United loss 6, won the epl last season and will probably win this seasons the epl. You know deep down united will.

    Arsenals defence is not shaky? Explain:

    The goal you conceded against stoke, again a one man team with van persie. If you never had van persie arsenal would be terrible and you know this.

    Explain blackburn.

    Chelsea next in the epl and im confident arsenal will lose, you know this deep down. By how much im not sure but arsenal will lose.

    Arsenal still lack, man city are playing good football now arsenal are focused in getting the basics right. You had to bring van persie on to open stoke. One man team?

    United have rooney, welbeck, berbatov, owen and chicharito and arsenal are very dangerously dependent on van persie. One loss against city does not decide the premier league race united are pros in this marathon.

    Nasri could not care less about arsenal look at what he is achieving at city a 6-1 win against united. Could he have done the same with arsenal? No. He made the right choice and left. Clichy as well look how well he is playing at city.

    You had to loan benayoun from chelsea lol & bought in the poor mans cesc in arteta.

    I'd 8-2 have united in arsenals position at the moment a top 4 finish is what arsenal supporters expect and are happy with they are an embarrassment.

    Lost 6-1 against city but won silverware last season its more then arsenal can claim (unless they did one better and got slaughtered by united 8-2, but no silverware)

    No wonder cesc, nasri and clichy left. I hope you get the top 4 you so long for.

  • Bleacher report posted 2241 days ago

    Bleacher report

    United-20 points
    Arsenal-13 points

    Arsenals midfield is better then Manchester Uniteds? The proof is in the table.

    You do remember that Manchester United won the premier league last season? Highlight "WON". Can we say the same with Arsenal Antonio? I dont think so. At least the club i support can win some silverware.

    Must i remind you of 8-2??

    Again i reiterate if man city can beat manchester united 6-1, what is going to happen when arsenal face them?

    Nasri and Clichy will want to make a point against their old club?
    Arsenal is currently a one man team that will not last, robin will get injured.
    Your defence is still shaky, the goal you concede against stoke.

    Do you firmly believe that arsenals back four can cope against the attack of man citys? Before we even talk about arsenal facing city can your back four cope with chelsea? who despite 9 men played excellent against qpr they did not bottle out in arsenal style.

    Man city are a force at the moment i am disappointed with manchester united. But its manchester united and ferguson will react.

    Manchester united to win the premier league you know not to write off the red devils. Man city will drop in form when other competitions kick in especially europe.

    Arsenal was practically man citys feeder club. Nasri and Clichy must feel great being at city how man times have they hated being on a losing side against manchester united when at arsenal?

    Nasri if still at arsenal could only dream about beating manchester united 6-1. Now at man city he is part of history and is not looking back.

    You would be foolish to write united off, my prayers are with evans.

  • Bleacher report posted 2241 days ago

    Bleacher report

    Cant blame Nasri, Clichy, Adebayor and Toure for leaving. They had reason to, United are the bar in the premier league, City have made a statement and Nasri is part of that. United have suffered big defeats before and have won the premier league, check history.

  • Bleacher report posted 2241 days ago

    Bleacher report

    If they managed to do that against united imagine what they'll do to arsenal. United will bounce back..everybody knows not to write them off. But bad day at the office.