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  • Phil 1stine posted 1842 days ago

    Phil  1stine


    EPLindex is also great and gives you access to all stats, but is not free.


  • Elliott Binks posted 1855 days ago

    Elliott Binks

    Sorry, Ryan, got a bit mixed up with those comments on the Chelsea article!

  • majora majora posted 1897 days ago

    majora majora

    In regards to Brandon's comment, he's a BSer... he wrote another article saying Hazard should've joined Arsenal!

  • Brandon Boyer posted 1897 days ago

    Brandon Boyer

    He very well could be and, in all honesty, I hope he is a fantastic player. He has an immense amount of talent, but I have watched him in Ligue 1 since he was first mentioned to be on Arsenal's radar. He isn't consistent. And there have been so many stars that have failed to re-produce their success abroad for Chelsea. I'm just being realistic. His ego is ridiculous and I just see him building himself up for a big fall. Marin looks like a much, much better prospect. Hazard just looks like another Ballack, to me. But, thank you for your thoughts. I respect your opinion on the topic and hope to hear a response in return.

  • Sam Tighe posted 2211 days ago

    Sam Tighe

    Thanks for the comment Brett.

  • Angelo Caparros posted 2231 days ago

    Angelo Caparros

    Hi Brett! Yes, it was! Beautiful moment in history. I may have to re-watch it a lot over the next few months to forget this season. What a terrible way to start out...

  • Sam Tighe posted 2239 days ago

    Sam Tighe

    Thanks for the comment Brett. Appreciate it!