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I am a Chicago fan. My first team I loved is the White Sox, and will continue to be my most favorite team. The Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks are also my favorite teams of Chicago. My brother is a Cubs fan which you can bet it's caused a few brother rivalries over the years. I'm starting to focus more on basketball and hockey lately as the Blackhawks are doing good and the Bulls drafted my favorite basketball player Derrick Rose.

I look forward to contributing to the Bleacher Report community and wish the best of luck to all your teams... unless they play my favorite teams. ;)

Go Sox, Bears, Bulls, Hawks

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  • Richard Bowler posted 2906 days ago

    Richard Bowler

    This my WR rankings for 2010 draft

  • Bob Warja posted 3211 days ago

    Bob Warja

    Thanks for the pick Aaron!

  • Jim Neveau posted 3255 days ago

    Jim Neveau


    Check out this article and I may let you live:


  • Sam Brown posted 3277 days ago

    Sam  Brown

    Fellow Bulls Fans and NBA fans,
    I am writing for a new site that offers exclusive coverage all things Chicago Bulls. In addition to the type of articles I have been writing on the BR there is a game preview, prediction, and recap for every single game. Additionally there are segments on injury and trade news, ex-Bulls players and all sorts of other stuff. I would love it for you guys to check it out. It doesn't have the breadth of Bleacher Report so I'm not saying to go there instead of bleacher report, but if you want all things Bulls, Bullspen has the depth that you crave...


  • J. Michael Morris posted 3315 days ago

    J. Michael Morris


  • Jim Neveau posted 3320 days ago

    Jim Neveau

    What's a man got to do to be promoted from scribe on this site? All I've done the last two weeks is get Pick of the Day twice AND publish an article that has generated 66 comments and over 10,000 reads. Oh, and I'm second in the Chicago Blackhawks community and fourth in NHL Central. What gives?

    The reason I say all of this is because it makes you appear puny in comparison. That's right. I'm calling you out for not writing an article in 5 days. The Bulls have played since last you spoke (anyone feel like discussing them getting beaten by the Grizz?) Oh yeah, did you want to get together Friday and watch the Bulls and Celtics? I'll root for Boston just to make you earn your spot on the couch. Let me know.

  • Jim Neveau posted 3332 days ago

    Jim Neveau

    Awwww, thanks for the pick Aaron. Your approval is all I ever seek out. lol.

  • Scott Glisson posted 3344 days ago

    Scott Glisson

    Hey Aaron,

    Thanks for checkin out my last article!!

    I've got another one for ya, a recap on the Bulls great win against the Warriors!


    Check it out if you get a chance! Thanks.


  • Scott Glisson posted 3347 days ago

    Scott Glisson

    Hey Aaron,

    I've got a new article about the Bulls season up. Hope you can take a look.


    Much appreciated,


  • Jim Neveau posted 3347 days ago

    Jim Neveau

    Welcome to the Bleacher Report my young friend. Now we can begin to debate issues of sport in earnest!