randy steffens

randy steffens


unlike a lot of college football fans, I don't understand the LOGIC of favoring one conference over the others. there are competitive, interesting teams in EVERY conference...as well as the LOWER Divisions. I "attempted" to be a student at the University of Northern Iowa in the late 60's/early 70's; did manage to "earn" a A.A. degreee from Iowa Central Community College in Fort Dodge (1969). UNSUCCESSFUL college student has now SUCCESSFULLY "RETIRED" & enjoying spreading some enthusiasm about college football, and (hee hee) correcting the 'misinformation' coming from the fans of 5 Programs (Texas, 'BamaLoosa, Southern Calif., Ohio State, & the WORST offenders - the FRIGHTENED IRISH). favorite teams - mostly underappreciated schools 'out west', as well as my HAWKEYES, So Miss, VA Tech, & Western Michigan. Go UTES, the (real) WolfPack - in Reno, & (of course) my DUCKS.

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  • Jonathan McDanal posted 1498 days ago

    Jonathan McDanal

    Haha! Thanks for the support, Randy! I got puled from the 126 Power Rankings and the Predictions pieces so that I could focus quality on the Top 25 Poll, as it's a brand-name product.

    On the bright side, I'll still be writing here, but it won't be the "picking all games" piece. Brian Pedersen has those now. :) Here's his profile link, if you're interested:


  • Jonathan McDanal posted 1516 days ago

    Jonathan McDanal

    I responded to your injury question in the comments, too, but I know that a bulletin board post should trigger an email, so here's the link. It helped me a LOT last season, and it will do the same again this year:


  • Alex Callos posted 1535 days ago

    Alex Callos

    Sorry I wasn't assigned the predictions of every game this week, or next week for that matter. Different assignments for now. I might be back to those soon. Who knows though.

  • Carl Stine posted 1547 days ago

    Carl Stine

    Thanks, Randy, have a good one!

  • Carl Stine posted 1579 days ago

    Carl Stine

    Randy! Good to hear from you again. Iv'e been studying up as well, and I'm sure the season will be chaotic anyway. I'm wondering how you see the MAC and Sun Belt shaking out? Will NIU be that good again?

  • Dan Vasta posted 1684 days ago

    Dan Vasta

    You ready for the season to get started yet?

  • Carl Stine posted 1725 days ago

    Carl Stine

    Good to hear from you again! I will watch out for your little bro. I'm glad you enjoyed the article again, it's been a while since I've thought about that one. As for ol' Barry, he doesn't usually listen to me, but yes, he should be a little more educated when it comes to the sport from which his athletic department gets most of it's revenue. By the way, thanks to iowa for giving us the greates sports gift Wisconsin has seen outside of Brett Favre, Coach Alvarez.

  • Dan Vasta posted 1941 days ago

    Dan Vasta

    Always appreciate the words of wisdom and comments my friend. I don't think that is that bad of an idea in terms of your UNC-OSU idea although that just likely would not have happened even if you asked the NCAA of such a thought several months ago (especially since there likely would be confusion on where, when and why you would play it).

    In terms of the PSU W/L records, that is a great point although this was clearly all about the wins that were taken back and they could basically care less about the losses they already suffered. Still, this offeseason has been more tumultuous than ever before.

    Shoot me on my board for your Week 1 picks, and feel free to load them up in case you want to throw some future picks down. Feel free to spread it out by sending a week's worth of picks every other day or so. Good talk!


  • Dan Vasta posted 1970 days ago

    Dan Vasta

    Completely agree about those magazines, but overall I appreciate the kudos my friend. Glad you enjoy my articles and always look forward to talking to great fans of the game and readers like yourself.

  • Alex Sims posted 1972 days ago

    Alex Sims

    Hahah! That's a great idea, maybe I'll suggest that to my editors. I doubt they'd be willing to pony up and pay for me to do that kind of research, though!