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I am old school and love the history of sports. Go Tarheels, Redskins and Jeff Gordon. No more spoiled athletes, bloated contracts, air bag announcers and Bryant Gumbel doing football! I want a BCS playoff, a shorter NFL preseason and have no problem with the World Series played in 40 degree weather. Finally, the King of ALL Sporting Events is....March Madness!!

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  • Nathan Bitner posted 2732 days ago

    Nathan Bitner

    Hey, just wanted to say I appreciate your perspective on the Vick article. There's some people on there who I wonder if they just like to rile up people behind their anonymous internet keyboards, or if they're truly moral scum. Your comments have made more sense than most ... I can't believe the debate has devolved into abortion, etc. Some people will just never get it, I guess.

  • Bruce Dickenson posted 2750 days ago

    Bruce Dickenson

    I have only had one article that people really commented on. It seems the more controversial, the more people will read. Satire and opinion seem to stir up more than facts and stats.

  • Bruce Dickenson posted 2751 days ago

    Bruce Dickenson

    Thanks for the comments on Namath. I respect fans who do not have an agenda.

  • Jeff Little posted 2755 days ago

    Jeff Little

    Thanks for the fan vote and for the comments and compliments, they're truly appreciated. I look forward to talking sports with you anytime I respect your opinion.