Chuck Johnston

Chuck Johnston


I got bored of blogging about Canadian politics, and it's really nerdy.

I've cited many times that my dream job is to be a sports writer, so this is my attempt at making it as one.

It's a feeble one I know.

I come from a long line of rural-Ontarian Maple Leafs fans. Surprisingly, as a kid I found myself rejecting hockey because I never played it and because I associated it with the old people who watched it. Only in my early twenties did I finally begin to see the raw athleticism showcased through the grit and the pace of NHL hockey. Now I'm heading into my thirties and I can scarcely stop thinking about the game.

I run a fantasy league with my friends, I watch HNIC on CBC every Saturday and I listen to games on the web (I don't have cable tv). I watch highlight clips, I read my favourite sports columnists religeously and I visit hockey fight websites daily.

It's an obsession. And I intend to further fuel it by writing on Bleacher Report.

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