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Hello One Hello all it is your dark light, Derrick William Cannon here to introduce myself. I was born on May 6th 1987 to Holly and Rich Cannon of Newton Iowa. My sister Allicia is currently engaged to an incredible human being with the patience of a saint, Phil Pearson. I have had a huge appreciation my whole life for animals particularly dogs. When I moved to Newton Iowa I had never owned one. This would be quickly remedied. During the month of June my family gained a new addition, a smooth haired collie named Jack. Jack has been a great friend and a great source of joy in the days, months, and years since. My family has a tight bond that would be hard to be broken. When I was born another tight bond was forming, one that would lead me to where I am today. It has been said that my family was watching wrestling the night I was born.
I would be introduced to this realm of entertainment shortly afterwards. I guess in some ways I was destined to be a pro wrestling fan. In the beginning I just followed WWE or at the time WWF. One of my earliest Christmas memories is staying at a hotel and opening presents to find the action figures of Hulk Hogan, Jimmy Snuka, Brutus Beefcake, and The Million Dollar Man” Ted DeBiase. It is a moment that I still remember vividly. The first wrestling event I attended was a live show in 92. If I wasn’t hooked for life at that point, I would be years later. While I would be an avid fan years earlier, it was the introduction of WCW Nitro, and ECW on TNN that hooked me for life. WWE would even gain more of an attitude in the years following hence the name of a certain era. I currently own a vast collection of DVD’s from various companies and eras. My love of wrestling has only expanded as I started to pick up another vital aspect of my life. The art that we know as writing. I’ve been writing nonstop since I entered Knoxville Junior High(again in Iowa). My first experiences of writing for wrestling sites are primarily for defunct efeds. I’d take time off after a fed known as GCW(Global Championship Wrestling) closed down. I’d pick writing back up when Myspace started when I was in high school. My proudest and one of my darkest hours in a literal sense as far as writing goes came when I wrote a speech that would be read at a friend’s funeral. It was at that point that I would never give up on advancing a writing career of some form. Outside of wrestling I am currently working on a movie review site, and live in Iowa so I’m naturally a follower of the Big Ten. My favorite sport outside of professional wrestling, is basketball. My favorite team is the Celtics, currently my favorite players are Kevin Garnett, Kevin Durant, and Paul Peirce. My all time favorite players are Larry Bird, Dennis Rodman, and David Robinson. My journey is far from being over and I hope that it only expands as my usage of the site that is Bleacher Report becomes more frequent.

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