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I'm a graduate of Aurora University, where I obtained my Bachelor's in Communications. My education was focused on journalism and becoming a sports journalist/broadcaster.

I currently reside in Illinois just outside of Chicago. I have played baseball and football in both high school and college. I also participate in MMA at an amateur level at the moment.

You can find my work throughout the B/R site and also now at

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  • Daryl Walser posted 186 days ago

    Daryl Walser

    We recently sign a deal to partner with fear the fighter. Our brand is
    We have access to a lot exclusive videos as you can see on our site but need to get written content for our site
    Please let me know if you would be interested in partnering and or know of some one email me at

  • Alejandro Prieto posted 670 days ago

    Alejandro Prieto

    I represent Fighters Source and we are hosting the first sanctioned MMA event in New York City, at the Manhattan Center, on March 23, 2013. Visit us at

    Any questions, feel free to email me.

    Alejandro Prieto
    Fighters Source
    Marketing/Events Coordinator

  • Andrew Barr posted 933 days ago

    Andrew Barr

    Hey, man. Just a heads up—It's good to check the news doc before submitting new pieces to make sure someone isn't already handling it. Matt Roth posted an article covering the Bisping injury shortly before you posted yours and he signed up for it in the doc.

    If you don't have access to the news doc, shoot Trent and e-mail and he'll hook you up.

  • Mark s posted 937 days ago

    Mark s

    We are looking for mma writers, if interested please contact us at or

  • Mike D posted 939 days ago

    Mike D

    Results through May 31st -

    Mike D - 20 points
    Sean Smith – 19 points
    Dale De Souza - 14 points
    Tim McTiernan – 14 points
    Nedu Obi – 12 points
    Robert Aaron Contreras - 12 points
    Spencer Tucksen – 12 points
    Juan Carlos Guerrero - 12 points
    Mac Michuad - 10 points
    William Frank—Brown Bombers - 10 points
    Sean Kaufman – 10 points
    Dan Hiergesell - Fists of Florian - 9 points
    JoAnna Brumbaugh - 9 points
    BabyJ Clay - Team WhuppAss - 8 points
    Flyin' Hawaiian - 8 points
    Jeff Wackerly - 8 points
    Matthew Johnson – 8 points
    Jacob Schmidt - 7 points
    Alex Ballentine - 6 points
    Gregory Chase—The Fighter’s Creed -6 points
    Todd Jackson – 6 points
    Andrew Brining - 6 points
    Vince Carey - Team inVINCEable - 4 points
    Darren Wong - 4 points
    Rafael Juarez - 2 points
    Van Schmidt - Team VanDamage - 2 points

    Here's the article -

  • Mike D posted 994 days ago

    Mike D

    Update for March (little late - been busy) -

  • Jeff Chase posted 1014 days ago

    Jeff Chase

    Thanks Kyle. Hope all is well!

  • Mike D posted 1032 days ago

    Mike D

    Current standings Slick-Jits :

    Mike D - 16 points
    Sean Smith – 14 points
    Sean Kaufman – 10 points
    Dale De Souza - 10 points
    Spencer Tucksen – 9 points
    Flyin' Hawaiian - 8 points
    Juan Carlos Guerrero - 8 points
    Tim McTiernan – 8 points
    Jacob Schmidt - 7 points
    JoAnna Brumbaugh - 7 points
    Gregory Chase—The Fighter’s Creed -6 points
    Nedu Obi – 6 points
    Todd Jackson – 6 points
    William Frank—Brown Bombers - 6 points
    BabyJ Clay - Team WhuppAss - 4 points
    Matthew Johnson – 4 points
    Jeff Wackerly - 4 points
    Mac Michuad - 3 points
    Darren Wong - 2 points
    Rafael Juarez - 2 points
    Van Schmidt - Team VanDamage - 2 points

    Here's the updated article -

  • Mike D posted 1060 days ago

    Mike D

    Yo Slick-Jits - stats are updated... also, everyone seems to be forgetting about the one add / drop at the end of each month, so if you can get me your move by tomorrow (Feb 2nd Midnight), I'll allow it. Here's the updated article :

  • daniel malcolm posted 1062 days ago

    daniel malcolm

    you fucking dumb cunt, iv liked the articles on this website and i had to make an account just to tell you, you should no tbe allowed to even write about MMA after the 'Over rated strikers'. Holy shit i cant believe your that critical you dumb fuck. please dont do anything to do with MMA. I hope u never spread your bullshit , your them neeks that critizise behind a computer and have no idea what your talking about.

    p.s fuck you

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