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Proud Washington State University alum. Lifelong sports fan with particular alliegances to the LA Dodgers, SF 49ers and WSU Cougars. Also have a soft spot for the GS Warriors/Oakland A's. You can find me on Twitter (@Jamblinman).

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  • Rob Bridenstine posted 652 days ago

    Rob Bridenstine

    Thanks for the input. I know you're on the West Coast, but I'm here in Florida, and I would also like to ask if you think Chris Archer can sustain his dominance in the AL ROY standings or that it could possibly end up with Wil Myers and Archer could be a 1-2 punch?
    I saw your 2nd half prediction post, but I still think its great to get an outside the market perspective.

  • Rob Bridenstine posted 655 days ago

    Rob Bridenstine

    Do you think Jose Fernandez has a chance of winning the NL ROY, or is Puig a lock?

  • Jacklyn Stevens posted 751 days ago

    Jacklyn Stevens

    Did you watch the last time Greinke hit Quentin? You wrote that he's been hit unintentionally twice. Yet the last time was on purpose. Greinke threw a pitch at Quentin's head and then hit him after. That seemed to be on purpose.

  • Jed Groeneweg posted 863 days ago

    Jed Groeneweg

    You're welcome man. You're definitely my favorite writer on Bleacher Report. Keep up the good work! Oh and GO DODGERS!

  • Jed Groeneweg posted 863 days ago

    Jed Groeneweg

    You're welcome man. You're definitely my favorite writer on Bleacher Report. Keep up the good work!

  • loadmeup posted 874 days ago


    You're welcome, man. It was indeed a very well researched, and a well written article.

  • Matt Bowen posted 1199 days ago

    Matt Bowen

    Thanks for the props. Word up.

  • Jeff B. posted 1243 days ago

    Jeff B.

    Good MLB free agent article. Keep up the good work!

  • Harold Friend posted 1253 days ago

    Harold Friend

    Thank you.

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