I'm a football and basketball coach who teaches English in the DFW area of Texas. I am from Michigan and have remained loyal to the Detroit sports teams that I came to love in my youth. The early 90s were rough living in the outskirts of Dallas when the Cowboys were winning multiple Super Bowls; I thank God for Barry Sanders every day! Writing has always been my passion, and why I didn't pursue a career in Journalism is beyond me. I'm not one to dwell on the past though and love my current job. I have the opportunity to work with young athletes and hopefully (as cheesy as it may sound) make my voice a positive influence. I spend my free time with my fiance and needy dog Chauncey. Yes he's named after Billups, whom the Pistons promptly traded to Denver five days after I got my Chauncey. Irony is a funny thing.

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  • Seattle Lion Fan posted 2263 days ago

    Seattle Lion Fan

    What a game!


    Let me know what you think!

  • Seattle Lion Fan posted 2270 days ago

    Seattle Lion Fan

    My take on the Lions win over the Vikes:


  • Ryan Campbell posted 2278 days ago

    Ryan Campbell

    I'm remaining very quiet about the Tigers myself. Sneaking into the World Series seems more likely every day but I'm not going to be too vocal about it! With Brandon Knight possibly starting the season at PG for Detroit, there's bound to be ups and downs. I like the Pistons chances of getting to the playoffs more in a shortened season than an 82 game schedule. Thanks for reading!

  • Mae Ryans posted 2278 days ago

    Mae Ryans

    Ryan- I'm right there with you! I feel like this extra time the Pistons are getting will be a big advantage for them coming into next season. I too have been so engulfed in the Lions, Wolves, and Tigers (who I can't wait to see in the playoffs) and I feel that I wouldn't mind if the NBA season started in a few months or so. I feel like the more time, the merrier for the Pistons.