Joe Savage

Joe Savage


I have decided to test my hand at sports writing. Since I have so much to say to everyone around me, I figured I would share it with the world. I prefer to cover MLB, and, the most under-rated sport in America, Professional Cycling. I also enjoy football, basketball, and hockey, and may cover a few stories here and there. Check it out!

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  • Jim Neveau posted 3296 days ago

    Jim Neveau

    You should just delete your profile, save yourself a lot of time. lol

  • Jim Neveau posted 3318 days ago

    Jim Neveau

    6 weeks and still no peep out of Mr. Savage. I give you a pass on the last week or so since I know you and all other students have been studying like crazy for finals, but if you don't churn out some hard-hitting analysis (or at least read my articles and comment like a good friend) then I'm going to be forced to resort to drastic measures. I'm not going to detail them verbatim, but just know that I'm sure I can figure out your password and transform your account into a Ghost-writing mouth piece in support of my true self. You've been warned.

    PS: This was written at 5:02am, so if it's a little rambling, I'm sorry.

  • Jim Neveau posted 3329 days ago

    Jim Neveau

    Okay Joe. I'm not going to mock you for not writing in forever if you read my article about being a sports fan.

    Oh yeah, I finally wrote that Blackhawks article too. Have fun!

  • Jim Neveau posted 3338 days ago

    Jim Neveau

    23 days. You know what I mean.

  • Aaron Guest posted 3344 days ago

    Aaron Guest

    What... I'm not one of your fans?

  • Jim Neveau posted 3345 days ago

    Jim Neveau

    So, still not another article. It's been 16 days. Give it a go. There's plenty to write about. Bulls? Bears? Blackhawks? Girls? Politics? Rainbow Brite? ANYTHING!

  • Jim Neveau posted 3356 days ago

    Jim Neveau

    You need to write another article. I'm getting tired of you slacking off, and I hope that you lose your contributor status and fall back to member. What a jerk.

  • Jim Neveau posted 3357 days ago

    Jim Neveau

    I am only adding you as a favorite writer because you have the Blackhawks listed ahead of the Wolves, but your love for the Garmin/Chipotle Cycling Team has me puzzled. Why would you want to be a fan of a GPS unit that is going to be only used for going to the bathroom after eating Chipotle? Oh well. Whatever floats your boat. In an effort at self-promotion, check out my three part article about the 10 greatest Blackhawks of all time. If nothing else, it will at least teach you a lesson about the history of one of the most legendary franchises of all time.

  • Jim Neveau posted 3360 days ago

    Jim Neveau

    Well well well. Look who finally decided to join the party. Well my friend, it's good to see you on this site, this little slice of heaven. Hopefully you enjoy the content on the site, and maybe it will cause you to see the error of your ways and actually root for the right baseball team. lol