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My name is Dezmond Thomas. I'm from Lima, Ohio. And I know all about the wwe. If you have any questions about the wwe feel free to ask me.

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  • J posted 3017 days ago


    A slightly different (perhaps even humorous) look at CM Punk’s journey from face to heel…

  • J posted 3024 days ago


    BREAKING NEWS! The entire WWE creative team has been diagnosed with ADHD!
    It’s been a while since I have written a non-competition article, but I think I come up with a good one.
    A satirical look at some on-goings of the WWE, and reasons it implies the writers have ADHD…

    I hope you’ll have a read

  • Scott Beeby posted 3053 days ago

    Scott Beeby

    Here’s my newest article.

    I’m trying to find out which match is perceived as the best match in WWE from the last 10 years. The format is similar to Matthew Hester’s “BR’s Battle Of The Champions”, so why not check it out and leave feedback on which match you think deserves to win.

    Will it be TLC II, HBK vs. Undertaker at WM25, or maybe something else? You decide.

  • Daris Brown posted 3157 days ago

    Daris Brown

    totally got this idea from your read. Check it out.