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Grew up in Spain, Utah, California and even spent a couple years in Madagascar (eny, mahay teny gasy zaho). Have loved every place and always supported the local teams, even long after leaving. I am currently finishing up my degree in Marketing (with a Minor in Creative Writing) at San Jose State.

Oh, and follow me on Twitter. I talk sports, crack unfunny jokes and hand out questionable advice.

Email me if you have any questions:

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  • Tim Raiburn posted 946 days ago

    Tim Raiburn

    What up, Jon!!

  • Randall Woo posted 1271 days ago

    Randall Woo

    Hi Jon, it was nice meeting you. Looking forward to the next meeting!

  • Joe Levitt posted 1300 days ago

    Joe Levitt

    I second Jesse's sentiment. Good work, sir.

  • Jesse Reed posted 1308 days ago

    Jesse Reed

    Congratulations on your recent success as an NFL draft FC. Keep grinding.

  • Jeff Chase posted 1340 days ago

    Jeff Chase

    Choose Twitter buttons, pick the one you like and then copy/paste that to the end of your article. Hope that helps!

  • Jeff Chase posted 1367 days ago

    Jeff Chase

    No problem Jon. Keep up the great work. And of course, congrats!