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  • s04 DraxGoretzMeyerAvdijaj posted 2083 days ago

    s04 DraxGoretzMeyerAvdijaj

    To be honest i didn't read your bible, but ok, Dortmund have two good years now. Congratulations. But through the last 10 years, Schalke have been the more succesfull team. I might be harsh but when a player celebrates and laughs at other players when they miss a penalty in a very important game i find this very disrespectful and just childish. That is one of the things i hate the most. Dortmund is a good team, but in MY opinion they are bad winners.

    And yeah about the top 4 placings since 04-05 to 11-12. Schalke have been in the top 4, 6 times, Dortmund have been in the top 4, 2 times.