Juson Venancio

Juson Venancio

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Juson Marinelo De Andrade Venancio
Loves to be Called De Andrade Venancio
Plays the Bass Guitar
and learin Lead Guitar :D
Favorite Football Club: Arsenal. F.C
Playes Football (also knowen as soccer in America)
Beliver In God and church
Loves to listen to Music at the highest quality of sound...
Cant live with out my Rock & Roll or Blues
Favorite Bands are Led Zeppelin & The Doors
Love Classic works and a couple of new Generation stuff
Favorite movie's Include: Whats the worst that could Hapen, Bricks, Once and so long
Guitarist are Chuck Berry, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Robbie Krieger, Ronnie Wood and so long
Favorite Guitars Gibson because of their Fancy Finishes and touch But Love Fenders Tone...
I guess Thats all

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